Sexy, sassy show with spirit – Kalk Bay Theatre

Sexy, sassy show with spirit – Kalk Bay Theatre

SHOW: Another Day
DIRECTOR: Vanessa Harris
CAST: Lucy Tops, Ash Searle, Brad Searle, Nadine Theron, Ruby Burton, Darren Greeff and Pasha Dos Santos.
VENUE: Kalk Bay Theatre until March 7.
REVIEW: Rafiek Mammon

When one enters the Kalk Bay Theatre, the transformation is palpable. The unambiguous set design – in black and white – with Jackson Pollock-like splatterings on the floor makes one wonder what magical world is in store. And for the most, the design and one’s contemplations are impressively concomitant. The cast, also in their shades of black, white and grey much like the décor, except with perhaps a smidgen of red or blue here and there (however cheesy) deliver with great poise and sass.

Classified as a “nouveau love story” this refreshingly new piece of theatre takes one on a sound and visual scape through the trials and tribulations of a relationship. Adding much value to the adage that speaks to taking things one day at a time, one begins to wonder: is it the same relationship that turns back the clock on itself, and wants to demonstrate the different moods of love and life? Is it a relationship that, as the days tick by, loses its fiery passion and simmers down to a ash-filled little ember as one partner is left lonely, while the other begins a zealous affair with another person? Is it just ‘Another Day’ in the life of…? (Where we can fill in the blank). These and other interesting questions are at the heart of what can only be described as energizing, captivating theatre that is well thought through and well executed.

There is no dialogue. The story is told through the songs – many of which are sung by Lucy Tops, and the many dance interpretations – from sexy ensemble tangos to sexier, more modern duets to even sexier solos. The music choices range from classical to contemporary, to jolly, frivolous numbers like ‘Putting on the Ritz’. Tops is fast becoming a perennial favourite at the venue – always a pleasure to listen to and watch perform.

And make no mistake, one is certainly mesmerised by the plethora of dances and certainly by the dancers – each as good as the other – so much so, that it is difficult to choose one’s favourite. With dance, I often find one dancer dominating and pulling focus. Not so with ‘Another Day’. Sometimes, also with dance, it is sometimes the weakness of a dancer that draws one’s attention to him or her. Again, not so with ‘Another Day.’

And to see what they have created in such an intimate space that is the Kalk Bay Theatre is truly remarkable.
There are moments, however, that could have been quieter, less busy, for want of a better word. I think here of moments when the songstress perhaps would have been better on the stage by herself, in a spot, just delivering without a dancer or three accompanying her. As it is, she cuts the lonely, longing figure. Such moments would add to that theme, and have the audience more focused on the lyrics.
That said, ‘Another Day’ is different to the offerings in theatres out there at present and very much worth a trip to Kalk Bay.

* Tickets are R120 at; or on 079 361 8275.