Gadget Buddies: A cinema in your pocket

Gadget Buddies: A cinema in your pocket

By Imran Khan

We have all adopted mobile technology in our lives and for many of us, we simply can’t do without it. The mobile phone is without question the one piece of technology that has exploded onto the scene in the past few years. It started with multimedia messaging (MMS), then went to color screens and cameras and today cell phones have become smart devices that can be used to control televisions and homes.

We thought that going mobile may stop at cell phones, but technology companies are constantly pushing the boundaries. Something really interesting got delivered to the office last week in a mysterious yellow courier bag. In our usual style we ripped through the bag so quickly that we nearly drop the box and found the mystery item to be a pocket projector with WiFi. Now, we have seen these for a while on the market and it is not all that new. However, pocket projectors have received some very bad reviews because of a lack of backup service, overheating and poor projection quality. The item that we got acquainted with for this week is the Xsories X-Project WiFi pocket projector. Xsories is a company that really embraces mobile technology in a unique way by taking new gadgets and improving them in order to make them more rugged and durable.

The X-Project is their latest unit that uses LED technology to project good quality color and contrast. This little device handles high definition videos up to 1080p with ease and will give you perfect clarity up to a projection size of 120 centimeters by 305 centimeters. What we love about it is that it is super portable, unlike previous models we have tried that always require external power. The onboard battery gave us just over two hours of playback time. With that being said, it is not a television replacement, as it is not bright enough and the sound quality from its onboard speaker is not that great. We had to plug our external speakers into the line out port.

You can drive the projector in a few ways, which include external HDMI, mini USB, SD card and USB flash drive. The unit has a “lap top like” touch pad at the top that allows you to navigate through your sources and change the settings.
Being small, portable and easy to use, there are so many applications for this projector. It is a great way to show your friends and family you videos and pictures while on the road; or watch a movie under the stars while out camping; or for those emergency boardroom presentations. Our favorite use by far was lying in bed while projecting a movie onto the ceiling.
Expect to pay around R8999 for one of these from A-Tek Distribution
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