Health & Beauty: Anti-aging power – By RoxyK

Health & Beauty: Anti-aging power – By RoxyK

By RoxyK

Women all over the world have for the longest time been looking for a quick fix to iron out fine lines and winkles. The beauty market is bursting with all sorts of products that promise to give you a flawless-looking, youthful skin and that will relegate wrinkles to the memory bin.

So, setting our hectic lifestyles aside for a moment and resolute in our mission to look good, we head on to the counter that claims to sell the ultimate secret potion that will give us crystal clear skin in a flash. Sadly, it almost never works out that way. To add insult to injury, when you eventually do make the trip to get your quick fix you end up buying too many jars and bottles, sold to you by a clever sales representative of a leading brand.

So, how do we really maintain healthy looking skin? Some would swear that it’s purely through diet and a healthy lifestyle, while others would include trying products with natural ingredients. All in all, we still crave for a soft smooth look and an even skin tone. No women will admit to being a fan of aging, wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, which seems to set in even more with every birthday celebration. Since every woman is different, aging might not be the same for you, your sisters or your BFF.
In your hunt for that secret all-in-one effective potion that guarantees to cure all signs of aging, I would suggest that you read the labels of ingredients which make up this unique product.

Since you are now at the stage of buying an anti-aging product, you should definitely know your skin type, the condition of your skin and the ingredients that would cause a reaction on your skin. Remember to look for a light, hydrating formula which penetrates deep down into the skin to heal and repair. Night creams are always thicker and have more active ingredients that work while you are at rest. The truth is that your skin always gets optimal absorption out of any product while you are asleep. Your skin is exposed to artificial lighting when at work, harsh sunlight when you are outdoors, as well as pollution.

The trick here is to cover-up with a suitable sunscreen with a SPF40 for protection against UV rays. Leading beauty therapists cannot stress this enough and this is one important product we all should never leave our houses without applying on our skin. The next product on my list would definitely be a good rapid collagen infused serum. Always find a serum that is suitable to your skin type. Serums work better at night and a tiny dot applied to your face is all you need before applying your night cream. Another miracle worker is an eye cream which is gently patted around the eye to treat fine lines.
So, as we embark on the new year and our search for a miracle product that will promote skin resilience – infused with herbal hydrators, of course – let us not forget the one golden rule: whatever you put into your body will eventually show on your skin.