Health & Beauty: Valentine’s Day

Health & Beauty: Valentine’s Day

By RoxyK

Every celebratory date is represented by a past event or an occurrence which may have happened on the “date” some years back. The occasion of Valentine’s Day on February 14 has a similar association with this. It is understood to have originated as a Christian religious festival honouring a saint. Its origins date back to ancient Rome, specifically the date of 270 AD. Saint Valentine supported lovers and couples in love by getting them married against the wishes of Emperor Claudius.
This is truly a unique and special time of the year when we all can get a little cuddly and share some love with our partner, spouse, beloved, girlfriend or boyfriend. Matching your feelings and emotions with the perfect gift is not easy and careful thought is required to ensure that the right message is conveyed.

There are so many gifts available in the market, so choose wisely to honor your beloved on this day set aside on the calendar with the specific aim of showing your love and affection.
Flowers are the most universal way to depict love. A bunch of roses is always a valuable gift for any lady, but the most traditional and classic bouquets would be a bunch of lilies, orchids or a basket of fresh, sweet smelling flowers.
Then there are the usual gifts such as perfumes, chocolates, accessories and soft toys. Since women traditionally love trinkets and jewellery, heart-shaped pendants have become hugely popular.
A Valentine’s Day gift of music is one of the most expressive among all gifts. Music is poetry in action and has always been associated with the various facets of love.

This is also quite inexpensive and you can either buy a CD of her (or his) favourite love songs, or simply compile your own selection of songs, for a more personal touch. Another very intimate gift is a personalized mug with a picture of the two of you on it – something that will surely make that morning cup of coffee or tea a daily highlight.
Almost as important as the gift is the act of handing it over. Why not create the perfect ambience with perfumed candles.
Aromatic oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, cinnamon and lavender all create a relaxed atmosphere. Then there is also the perfect romantic candlelight dinner where you both can enjoy a scrumptious meal and just relax.
If this is not your scene, why not create a meal for two at your home and add some surprises like heart-shaped desserts, or bake some cherry cookies for tea. Whatever you make or do on this day remember to make it special because this is your chance to show how much you care and love one another.
Some people simply find this celebration silly, frivolous and impractical, but there are still some people who never lose their innocent approach to love and life and go all out to celebrate the day.  So, why not spread more love this year and celebrate this special occasion.