Swing Café Variety Show moves to Mercury

Swing Café Variety Show moves to Mercury

The Swing Café Variety Show is moving to the iconic Cape Town live entertainment venue, Mercury Live & Lounge, for its 2015 Summer Season.
Running every Tuesday from January 27 until May 5, the show is hosted by Scottish poet Miss Kiki and features a diverse selection of stand-up comedy, live music, poetry and variety acts.
Opening night on Tuesday, January 27, will feature rockabilly band The Ratrod Cats, international comedy magician Magic Man, comedian Westley Cockrell, singer/songwriter Kat Swain and poet Paul Shangase.

Doors for the Swing Café open 7.30pm with free entry before 8pm. Thereafter tickets are R40 per person. The show starts at 8.30pm and concludes around 10pm with Happy Hour until 11pm and DJ Django until close.

The Ratrod Cats – featuring KC Royal on guitar and vocals, Rick-abilly on drums and Double Dave on double bass – play rockabilly with psychobilly/dirty South infused lyrics.
“Rockabilly is always upbeat, and designed to make your hips shake,” says Royal.
“The lyrics are about fun and carefree times, and the genre and music is the epitome of that. It also is the style of music that compliments the car/hotrod genre, so it really ties in with what I love,” says the man who confesses to being a closet drummer with a yearning to learn the harmonica.

The actual drummer in the band, who also does a respectable stint on vocals, adds that the Cats play “good old fashioned rockabilly.”
Traditionally the sound is a mix of Rock ‘n Roll, county and rhythm and blues, says Rick-abilly. “I enjoy playing it ’cause it’s my favourite style of music and it’s a real thrill to be able to play and express myself in a genre that I’ve always loved so much since a child.”

The feel-good factor of rockabilly with a slight punk edge is great party music with no agenda agrees Double Dave, who cites his previous experience as “various church bands” although he listens to “everything from early blues and jazz through to rock, punk, metal, Goth, and alternative.”
All three Cats have played in several bands, picking up instruments at an early age and never putting them down. Their musical influences are vast, not surprisingly with a strong emphasis on the legends and icons of the 1950s and 60s, and with personal interests that range from cars and bikes to good whiskey; the Cats live and breathe true rockabilly style.

* More details can be found at facebook.com/TheSwingCafe; or send an email to nacct@mailbox.co.za.