Music Exchange

Music Exchange

By Martin Myers

A month into 2015 and already some exciting artists are making a turn in Cape Town. Last year, without doubt, belonged to Beatenberg with three smash singles that dominated radio play.

The artists that are expected to make big waves this year are:
• Hemelbesem – Rap fantastic in the vernacular.
• Bittereinder – Yes they are on album three, but 2015 should belong to them.
• Toya Delazy – Same with her. Although she’s only second album deep, she’s going to be blowing up even bigger this time round.
• Bye Beneco –  They are still pointing the right way up since they dropped their debut album towards the latter half of last year. There’s a lovely crossover appeal to them too.
• Jimmy Nevis – Again, another successful pop star, but damn, he’s our very own Bruno Mars and needs more applause in my opinion.
• Monark – They had a string of hits in 2014, but were overshadowed by Beatenberg and Gangs Of Ballet. Watch out for these guys – 2015 is set to be their big breakout year.
• Native Young – This indie band can be spotted playing around Cape Town and they have the rare ability to draw in a crowd with a repertoire that’s yet to get any real airplay. That’s very powerful in this day and age. If they can crack a record deal with the right company I think they could be a huge act to follow this year.
• Roeshdien Jaz works hard and had three good radio singles on Western Cape radio in 2014, but now needs to move onto national media and radio platforms.

The gig of the weekend, for me, is Can Skylark and RJ Benjamin live at Roxy Review Bar. RJ wrote a smash hit pop song with Can called ‘So High’, which dominated airwaves on the charts for over 14 weeks and they will be performing the song live for the first time this weekend at her series of shows. Can will be moving to LA this year to explore more opportunities and RJ will be releasing a full album later this year in May.
As the consumption patterns of consumers change, the live music market becomes more and more important. Pollstar, the leading live music magazine authority, has estimated the size of the North American concert industry to be $6.2 billion strong. South Africa’s making waves too, thanks to the promoters Big Concerts. They made the Top 100 list for 2014 in the very same magazine.

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