Health & Beauty: Men’s fashion trends

Health & Beauty: Men’s fashion trends

By RoxyK

Most of us think of men’s fashion as just a shirt, pants and jacket, but there is so much more to it than just these elements. There is style, fit, colour and fabric to consider and since every man wants to look their best, the slightest detail must be taken into consideration. Carducci has a range of attractive, striking styles that caters for all heights and sizes. We take a look at some important tips when choosing a formal jacket, trousers and shirt.

Clothes on any man should be comfortable and that means that his clothes should fit properly. Pants should be worn at the natural waist, near the navel. Younger men with flatter stomachs can wear them lower. A man with a belly looks better with high-rise trousers draping from the middle. The trouser cuff’s should touch your shoes’ uppers, but must not touch the ground. This should just touch the sole of the shoe at the back and create a slight break in front. A shorter man can wear trousers which just brush the tops of the shoes. This will give a short person length and will avoid a stumpy look.
A jacket must fit correctly on the shoulders and when you stand with your arms to your sides, the jackets lapels should lie flat against the front panels. The chest and the shoulders are the most important factors when it comes to buying a jacket. The buttons should hang close to the stomach and at least one button must be able to close. The cuffs should protrude half an inch from the jackets sleeves. Suits, dress shirts and jackets should highlight the body’s natural features and strengths. Whatever your size, your jacket’s length should end at the thumb’s knuckle when you stand with your hands down at your sides. A dress shirt should be based on the circumference of your neck size and the facial structure of the man wearing it.

Point collars tend to elongate a face which is suitable for a full-figured man and a man with a narrow face should go for a shirt with a spread out collar which will balance his appearance. The collar point must be covered by the jacket’s lapels when buttoned. Choose shirts that are made from soft cotton fabric which will not crease and will look presentable with or without a jacket.
Trendy designer clothes can look good, provided that they can be altered to suit your body frame and height. Never be misguided into buying jackets and trousers that are too small – this is a waste of money as it becomes very difficult and expensive to alter. Clothes should fit your body and float on the body for better comfort. Do not be influenced by dubious salesmen or models – it is your responsibility to know your proper fit, what looks and feels good on you, so buy accordingly. It is important to know that proper tailoring can get you the fit you desire and by knowing your style you are guaranteed to feel confident and in fashion for the season.