Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

The humble mouse
While playing hours of ‘Counter Strike’ and ‘Crysis’, we really have come to see the benefit of having the right equipment, especially the humble mouse. Over the years many companies have come up with fancy looking mouse’s that didn’t quite help the cause. However, Cougar, the German gaming brand is finally coming to South Africa. They really take the humble computer mouse to the next level by focusing on weight, frame material, ergonomics and sensors.
Their latest mouse, the Cougar 700M 8200DPi sensor mouse which has won the iF International Design Award of 2014 will be available at a computer shop near you soon. Keep an eye on these guys as they will also be bringing power supplies, fans, gaming cases and other powerful gaming technologies to the South African market.

Beats by Dre
We recently had the pleasure of sampling the new Beats by Dre Solo headphones for a few weeks to review. At first glance these headphones are like the rest, with no major design changes. The company has instead focused more on the technology inside.


They have installed titanium coated driver coils and gel lined ear pieces in their latest design.
In terms of sound quality we did find it to really bring out the bass in recordings, but it did disappoint us on the mid and higher frequencies. The overall package is lightweight and comfortable to wear while listening to music for long periods of time. However, at a starting price of R2000 for a pair of these headphones, we would definitely suggest going for a pair that offers better sound quality at a much lower price point.

‘Game of Thrones’ – The Game Series
The popular television series, ‘Game of Thrones’, is coming to a gaming console soon. Telltale Games, the company famous for making games from books and TV series is at it again. This is the same company that brought you the ‘Walking Dead’ game earlier this year.
The game will pick up from the end of the third season and end just before season five, keeping the content quite relevant. For the fans, the game will focus on House Forrester, giving players five house members to control. Now playing as five characters can be quite a challenge, but Telltale Games say that it is something that will add an extra dimension to the game. The software is written so that the action of each player causes a ripple effect on the next.
Telltale will be releasing a series of six games with game number one being released in December of 2014.


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