‘Love your wine’ – the perfect gift for wine lovers!

‘Love your wine’ – the perfect gift for wine lovers!
Nicolette Waterford

Nicolette Waterford

Cathy Marston has a gift. No, it is not her super sharp wine tasting ability, that too, but I am referring to the fact that she can take a sometimes intimidating topic like wine and make it fun.
Cathy grew up in the United Kingdom and now lives in Cape Town.
She is a respected wine writer, wine educator and Platter’s Wine Guide Taster, and a contributor to many local and international publications.
The one thing she is NOT is a wine snob. In her first book ‘Love Your Wine: Get to grips with what you are drinking’, she takes wine drinkers on an introductory wine course in a fun, informative manner.

If you have ever answered yes to any of the questions below, this book is for you:
• Ever felt patronised by a waiter because of your wine choice?
• Been on the sharp end of comments about your taste in wine: “Pink wine, really?”
• Had your pronunciation of wine terms corrected?
• Confused about whether it’s OK to drink red wine with pasta?
• Had that uncomfortable feeling you’ve been conned into paying too much for a bottle of wine in a restaurant?

Cathy takes readers on a wine appreciation journey – from easy drinking, sweeter wine, through the popular sauvignon blancs (sew-vin-yon blonks), bubblies, dessert wines and on to the fuller reds – with the sole aim of giving them confidence in their wine choices. The confidence to enjoy drinking wine; to see it as a pleasure, not a potential source of embarrassment; and above all, to help people become confidently curious about trying new wines.
Cathy Marston reminds us:
“The real secret of wine success is that the more you drink, the more you know. Admittedly, the less you probably remember, but hey – you can’t have everything.”
This book is the ideal gift to anyone who wants to come to grips with the topic of wine. It answers all those questions you were always afraid to ask your “winey” friends.
‘Love Your Wine: Get to grips with what you are drinking’ sells for R175. Find it online, or in any good book retailer.