Health & Beauty: In love with my second skin

Health & Beauty: In love with my second skin

By RoxyK

There comes a time in life when your body changes and because the pull of gravity is so strong, your shape becomes something that is unrecognizable to you. The days of racy lingerie becomes something of the past and even if you do manage to fit yourself into something lacy, they just enhance the weaker parts of the body with bulges in places you did not even know were there. Women are super beings, though, and usually have a solution at hand for just about everything, and that includes the nip and tuck. The magnificent “SPANX”, a remarkable garment that essentially functions as a secondary skin, is one such trick up our sleeves that we can pull out. It effectively smoothes out every little bulge, lifts, tucks and gives you your dream figure. Your chest is lifted and the twins are perfectly placed and a well formed booty materializes that gives any dress a superb fit. To every woman this second skin that all who tries it out grows to love opens up a pathway to confidence and self esteem. Imagine every dress fitting properly and making you look fabulous.
This perfect undergarment launches in November and is being brought to South Africa by founder Sara Blakely.

The collections that are available are:
The bra-llelujah,
Power panties
Slim cognito
Mama spanx
Look at me leggings
Skinny britches
Trust your thinstincts
And simplicity.

These are made of the highest quality fabrics that lifts and shapes. Whether you need a tummy and thigh tamer, or a shape line minimiser, the SPANX line of super-shaping hosiery performs wonders by providing support and comfort.
For women looking to trim inches pronto, SPANX Slim Cognito does just the trick. This collection of silky, seamless body shapers provides maximum compression that comfortably contours curves. The Skinny Britches collection offers sheer shaping power in stunning shades and classic silhouettes and the Slimplicity line made from sleek, lightweight fabrics with strong compression and thoughtful details instantly takes you from every day to elegant.
Tips on buying SPANX
Try it out before you buy. Never buy a size smaller; it will be an effort to put on and take hours to get off. Remember that you still have to walk in them, as well as eat and drink, so comfort is vital when choosing your style of SPANX. Consider colour, style and the areas which need help so that you buy the perfect undercover garment.
We applaud this amazing creation and don’t let anybody tell you that it is just another modern day “corset”. SPANX are so au natural that no one will know what lies beneath. Look out for the new range coming out this season.
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If you would like to win a super shaping SPANX product, send your name and “SPANX” in the subject line in an e-mail to before 12pm on Monday, November 17. Good luck!