Music Musts: Finding a “groove” of friends – By Jonathan Duiguid

Music Musts: Finding a “groove” of friends – By Jonathan Duiguid
By Jonathan Duguid

By Jonathan Duguid

Wow! What a crazy few weeks it’s been. I have added a new job to my already long list of things I do (I produce the Pippa Hudson talk radio show). I have also moved from the Dirty South to the Atlantic Seaboard (yup, I’m no longer a Fish Hoek local… now I’m a Fresnaye one).
I’ve moved into a lovely Victorian house with four other housemates (I call them “my homies”) and I’ve gotta say one of the things that has helped us bond is music. We all come from fairly different backgrounds, however, are all around the same age.
I only knew one of the housemates prior to moving in – and it was the same for everyone else too.
I was, however, amazed (although, I don’t know why I still get surprised – as you’d think I’d know it by now) at how we all came together around music.
Earlier, I said I call my housemates my homies… Well, it’s not just because it’s a cool play on words, but also because they are my friends now. We are all friends. And I believe that music is a big reason behind it.
If you’re in need of making some friends, finding some folks who you clique with (you know the stereotype about us Capetonians being cliquey), or just want to broaden your horizons, my advice to you is to check out a music gig of tunes you’re into, and hey presto, you could achieve those goals.

Here’s a little help, in the form of my music must gigs:

• On Friday, October 31 (Halloween), check out Jack Mantis live at the Octopus Garden on Main Road in St James from 7pm. R30 gets you in and for more info, or to book, you can call: 021 788 5646.

• Then on Saturday, November 1 (pinch and a punch for the first day of the month), you can catch Crash Car Burn at The Side Show, 11 Mechau Street, Cape Town CBD from 9pm. The cover is R50 and for more, you can call: 082 077 0315.

• Lastly, on Sunday, November 2, Gerald Clarke and Luna Paige will bring music lovers from Strand and Gordonsbay their ‘Love More Show’. It kicks-off at 6pm and will be at Bertie’s Moorings at the Boardwalk, Harbour Island, Gordon’s Bay. For more details, call: 021 856 3343.

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