World Design Capital comes alive at the Stadium

World Design Capital comes alive at the Stadium

All eyes will be on Cape Town during the next couple of days until October 19, when it is transformed into the design destination, hosting the three remaining WDC signature events as part of the World Design Capital 2014 (WDC 2014) programme.
The WDC 2014 signature events are the Design House “Transforming Cities” Exhibition, the “Make A Plan” Design Policy Conference and the Convocation Ceremony, when the design baton will be officially handed over to Taipei as the next World Design Capital city in 2016.
The main hub will be the Makers+Thinkers exhibition at Cape Town Stadium, where the public can see the best in design daily from 10am to 6pm until October 19 – free of charge.

This “Transforming Cities” segment of the exhibition will see cities such as Bavaria, Paris, Dublin, Taipei, Accra, Qingdao, Seoul and Gwanju showing how design has had a positive impact on their citizens and will share stories through installations, films, lectures and conventional exhibits.
The City of Cape Town, through this year has highlighted the role of design in solving social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges, and will have a digitally interactive exhibition giving visitors different views and perspectives of the city on a giant floor exhibit.

The Next 48hOURS chatted to NICKY SWARTZ, Programme Director of Cape Town Design, the implementation agency of World Design Capital 2014, about what’s going on at the Stadium this week.

Could you tell us more about the concept behind “World Design Capital”?
For our World Design Capital theme we chose, “Live Design. Transform Life.” With this as a backdrop, we called for public submissions to incorporate into the programme. We had approximately 1300 submissions, which went through a very rigorous curatorial process. Eventually, all of these submissions were narrowed down to approximately 460 projects, which were then officially welcomed into the programme of World Design Capital 2014.
These 460 projects are we believe projects that showcase tangible evidence of design thinking that has a social impact. We call this transformative design and these projects are varied in their scope and scale. Some of them are community projects and events; some of them talk to the notion of spaces and places; some are of course aesthetic designs – the beautiful things in our lives; some are heritage projects; there are ones related to food; and the health sector, just to name a few.
Really what we have done over the year is catalogue Cape Town’s creativity. This really represents the inspiration and design thinking that’s happening in our city.

What is the concept behind Makers+Thinkers?
Makers+Thinkers is our concept for all the events that are taking place at the Stadium during this week until October 19. It really showcases that design is both an intellectual and a practical endeavour.
So we have invited cities from around the world to come and showcase their innovations to make their cities more liveable and more citizen friendly. So some of them are showcasing transport solutions; some are showing sustainable solutions; some are just showing how they’ve made their cities more fun to live in.
We also have a Make It New exhibition, which showcases indigenous skill, materials and endeavours from the city and the province, demonstrating how contemporary design uses this indigenous knowledge to create beautiful things here and now.
We also have an opportunity to showcase what World Design Capital has been about this year, so we’re inviting the public to experience World Design Capital in quite a different way. There’s an opportunity for kiddies to come along and have fun. We have a Make-a-Thon, so children will have an opportunity to just create, test their own skills and really get into the making bits of design.

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