New low cost airliner FlySafair takes to the SA skies

New low cost airliner FlySafair takes to the SA skies

FlySafair, South Africa’s new low cost airline, took off today, transporting its first passengers between Cape Town and Johannesburg, with its fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft.
With regular fares as low as R499* between Cape Town and Johannesburg, and R399* (inclusive of taxes) between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth as well Cape Town and George, FlySafair is expected to attract a healthy proportion of travellers.

The good news for the travelling public is that these fares are not opening specials or marketing deals to celebrate the start-up of FlySafair. They are the actual base rate fares which secure seats on a flight and allow for two pieces of free carry-on luggage that weigh no more than 7kg in total.

Passengers have the further option to select additional extras such as pre-booked preferential seat selection,  extra-space seats, travel insurance and checked in luggage, which are charged for seperately on a menu-type basis. On-board catering is another option which passengers can choose to take advantage of.

“We’ve made a commitment that our fares will always be affordable, honest and transparent, offering passengers genuine value on each and every one of our flights from today onwards and making air travel more accessible to a greater proportion of the South African population,” says Dave Andrew, CEO of FlySafair.

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