Cape Town TV Telethon to raise funds for the station

Cape Town TV Telethon to raise funds for the station

The Cape Town TV Telethon is coming soon. Cape Town’s very own community television station is hosting a telethon from Tuesday to Saturday, October 21 to 25, to enable viewers to pledge financial support to the non-profit channel.
CTV produces and acquires content that is aimed at being locally relevant, participatory, progressive, educational, informative and entertaining.  The channel has been on air for six years and has built a viewership of around two million viewers a month.

Now the producers need your support to take CTV to the next level, so that they can improve the service they offer by delivering more engaging local content, improving sound and picture quality and realising the full potential of the community channel.
It costs around R6 million annually to run the TV station and the income from grants, donations, membership fees, sale of airtime and advertising doesn’t quite meet this target. Consequently CTV struggles to invest in the people and equipment needed to ensure a top-quality broadcast that will be a credit to the Cape Town community.

CTV is looking for businesses and individuals to help meet the financial needs of running this free-to-air, non-profit channel. Businesses and NPO’s will have the opportunity of receiving free airtime for their donations while individuals will be acknowledged during the live telethon.
The Telethon will run nightly between 6 and 8 pm from Tuesday, October 21, to Friday, October 24, with a live megashow running from 2 to 6 pm on Saturday, October 25.

With a different theme for each evening, it promises to be live TV as locals have never seen it before: studio guests, ongoing viewer interaction, laughter, persuasion and a contagious vibrancy that will have people across the country calling in to pledge towards helping CTV reach a financial target of R1.6 million for the week.
Pick it up Cape Town TV nationwide on DStv channel 263 or tune in to the free-to-air signals in Cape Town on 839.25MHz (channel 67) and 607.25MHz (channel 32).

* Pledge your support today. Call 021 448 0448, or visit