Living loud with Liezel: Picnics and beaches are a match made in heaven

Living loud with Liezel: Picnics and beaches are a match made in heaven
By Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

By Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

Summer in Cape Town is my favourite season, and this past week with temperatures soaring in the high 20’s, it made me excited to think that summer is just around the corner. I love planning sunset picnics with friends, as it’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Picnics are also a perfect activity for the youngsters.

Here is a list of some of my favourite picnic beach spots:
• Llandudno Beach has beautiful soft white sand and a perfect spot for a picnic, provided the South Easter doesn’t blow.
• Boulders Beach is the ideal spot for a perfect picnic complete with penguins, and it is also sheltered from the wind.
• St. James Beach is an iconic setting that has colourful beach huts and a large tidal pool, which is ideal for the kiddies.
• Bachelors Cove is a beautiful little spot just off Victoria Road in Camps Bay, perfectly protected from the wind and dogs are allowed off their leaches.
• Sunset Beach, Milnerton, is a long stretch of beach that is perfect for a sunset stroll and picnic.
• Beta Beach is one of my favourite secret hideaways; just perfect for relaxing on the rocks, and protected from the South Easter.

Picnics do not have to break the bank either.
You can get creative with the following tips, which are sure to go down well with almost any kid:
• Waffle sandwiches – Instead of using bread or bread rolls for a lunch sandwich, use waffles. Spread chocolate spread or peanut butter or cream cheese on them. Yum!
• Fruit sticks – Kids love to eat fruit and with a little bit of effort you can turn simple fresh fruit into a party treat that kids will love. Fruit sticks are sure to tickle their fickle fancy.
• Apple Faces – Slice a section out of the side of an apple, layer with peanut butter or cream cheese and decorate.
The one mistake I always seem to make is forgetting one or other thing for a picnic, so here is a basic checklist to make your summer picnics perfect.

Your easy-peasy picnic checklist:
• Blanket
• Napkins
• Plates
• Utensils
• Cups
• Cutting Board
• Condiments
• Salt and pepper
• Garbage bag

These might seem obvious, but you’re bound to forget something, so trust me: this checklist is the bomb.
Clue me in on some of your favourite picnic spots via Twitter: @liezelv