Health and Beauty: Hair under scrutiny – WIN

Health and Beauty: Hair under scrutiny – WIN

by RoxyK

Most of us know about the active ingredients that are found in skincare products, which help rejuvenate skin and maintain a natural shine, but what about hair care? Is there a range that will help with thinning of the hair, baldness and alopecia, for instance? Although it is understood that this can happen with stress and everyday demands, surely there still has to be a cure. Let’s take an in-depth look at some products that could help in repairing the common signs of thinning hair.

Alopecia is excessive hair loss and baldness which usually occur in circular patterns. This is thought to be a manifestation of autoimmune disease, which causes a mild inflammation that leads to hair becoming weak and then falling out. The possible triggers are stress, viruses, infection, medicines or a bad combination of bad diet and the aforementioned. In most cases the bald patches re-grow by themselves without treatment. Steroid injections or steroid creams applied to the affected area often help encourage growth, but this could take one to two months.

There are so many shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and serum sprays that help with sudden hair loss, but what we’re really looking for is a professional formula that will help to promote faster hair growth. When we spoke about this to some women who were sufferers, we found that almost 80 percent were over the age of 40. We questioned this and found that before menopause hair roots are protected by high levels of hormones called estrogen. After menopause, estrogen levels will decline and the impact of testosterone will increase. This makes growth thinner and will likely lead to hair falling out prematurely. Our research took us to well renowned experts Dr A Klenk and Dr Kurt Wolff. They have come out with a solution by using an active ingredient in shampoo called phyto-caffeine. This amazing product – called Plantur 39 – actually works by protecting the roots from premature exhaustion of hair growth. During hair washing, this phyto-caffeine penetrates the hair follicle to reach the hair root, which when used twice a week, should prevent signs of hair loss.

The phyto-caffeine shampoo for fine, brittle hair works by restoring the structure of the hair to ensure that it maintains in volume. The treatment shampoo for colour treated and stressed hair contains natural wheat extracts and provitamin B5 that conditions repairs the hair. The damaged hair structure is smoothed, which results in an intensive shine.

So, if you are noticing minimal daily hair loss, it is time to treat your scalp. Permanent colour dyes stress the scalp, the hair roots and hair. The longer the hair, the more strongly the roots are stressed during combing and brushing.
If you show signs of thinning hair or baldness, act immediately to fix the situation. Small changes of everyday habits will help you see a significant improvement in your hair’s health. To encourage growth of your hair, you could also massage the scalp with your finger tips to stimulate your hair follicles and improve circulation of blood to your scalp.

If you are one of those people who have tried everything to prevent hair loss, do not give up. We would like you to try out this caffeine enriched shampoo. Send your name and “Health & Beauty – Plantur 39” in the subject line in an e-mail to: before 12pm on Tuesday October 21 to win samples of this amazing product. Good luck!