Gadget Buddies: Android and Fibre Optics

Gadget Buddies: Android and Fibre Optics

By Imran Khan

Android users beware
Our readers may have noticed a trend so far that we are avid Android users and love it with all our hearts. However, a recent report regarding Android safety has got us in a bind. Interpol and Kaspersky recently published a report on the safety of Android users. They found that at least one in five Android users is a target of Malware, with SMS Trojans being the biggest issue.
SMS Trojans, for those that are unsure, is a virus that sends messages from your device to premium rate numbers without the owner knowing. This particular Trojan was found to be the biggest safety issue in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.
Well, it’s not all pessimism, as there are solutions to avoid these issues. Some of them include:

1. Always download apps only from reputable sources like the Google Play Store
2. Avoid SMS subscription services
3. Always read the reviews and star ratings on apps before downloading them

We urge all Android users to take care out there and beware of the “free” button in the Play Store, as it is not always as good as it may seem.

Fibre Optics are here
Local technology company Internet Solutions have announced that there are now 50 sites within Gauteng that will benefit from fast broadband connections via fibre optic lines. In addition, Internet Solutions have also said that they are running commercial trials within Cape Town and Durban.
This is a giant leap forward for broadband internet in South Africa and we can’t wait to test it out. In Gauteng, where the system of fibre optic cables is currently running, users are getting broadband speeds of 100 megabytes per second (100 Mbps). In case that’s not enough, If you willing to pay a bit more then you can get the ultimate 1 gigabyte per second (1 Gbps) line. Internet Solutions is also offering clients a “try before you buy” service which will allow users to use the service on a month to month basis before signing a long term contract.
With the bandwidth demand soaring and internet traffic expected to triple by 2016, the need for fibre optic lines could not have come at a better time than now. The proposed prices are something we are a bit concerned about. Installation will set you back R999. Then there is the all important broadband packages. A regular 2 megabyte per second line will cost around R749 per month whereas the ultimate 100 megabyte per second line will cost R8799. The 1Gbps line pricing has not been published as yet, in case you were wondering. We think it will be the “price upon request” option.
Exciting times are ahead in South Africa as we gear up for the technological revolution and we will keep bringing you the latest as it unfolds.