Living loud with Liezel: Fine dining in Cape Town

Living loud with Liezel: Fine dining in Cape Town
By Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

By Liezel Van Der Westhuizen

This past week I decided to shake off my sporty cycling and running kit and spend some time exploring some of Cape Town’s fine dining spots. I even traded my signature sneakers for a pair of heels, because in accordance with fine dining etiquette, ladies shouldn’t wear sandals or sneakers, but rather smart shoes.

This rule had me worried because I was scared that this entire experience might be snooty and stuffy. I was proven wrong when I arrived at Aubergine Restaurant in Gardens, which offers continental cuisine with Asian influences. Their specialties include game, seafood and vegetarian dishes .
I would’ve definitely felt out of place if I hadn’t dressed up. But the atmosphere, the friendliness of the staff and the incredible food added to this wonderful experience. I had driven past Aubergine restaurant a few times, but had never noticed it. The historic building it is housed in dates back to 1830 and was home to the first Chief Justice to the Cape.

Another rule I was given about fine dining is to never put your cell phone or handbag on the table. The entire experience at Aubergine was so lovely, and I was so caught up in my first fine dining experience, that I never gave my cell phone a single thought. However, I was told that it is perfectly okay at a fine dining establishment to take photos of the food. I had a guest at a table next to me pop over and capture an image of my meal to post on Instagram.

If you are keen to try out a few of Cape Town’s fine dining spots, why not check out the following venues:

• La Mouette – a French style restaurant in Sea Point
• The Test Kitchen in Woodstock
• Savoy Cabbage Restaurant & Champagne Bar in Hout Street, Cape Town

And if you’re already accustomed to fine dining and want to take a break, check out the cutest spot in Sea Point – Franky’s Diner, an authentic 1950s style eatery with waitresses in poodle skirts and ponytails serving up delicious hamburgers, fries and massive milkshakes. The comfy red vinyl stools at the counter really complete up this diner with a difference.
So whatever your dining pleasure, be sure to tweet us images of your experiences in Cape Town.

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