Gadget Buddies: Digging up past consoles

Gadget Buddies: Digging up past consoles

By Imran Khan

Over the years there have been hundreds of gaming consoles that were brought to market. Some were really good, while others left us questioning their practicality. We are interested in those select few that really gave us hours of joy. So here is a list of our top three most popular gaming consoles of all time.
At the top of the list, it has to be the legendary Sony PlayStation 1 console.
This was Sony’s first real entry into the gaming market, intruding on the age old battle of consoles that was still raging between Nintendo and Sega at the time. With its arrival it revolutionised the gaming industry.

The first big step was the company’s move to compact discs as the primary format for software, signalling a goodbye to cartridges.
It also moved gaming from two dimensions to three dimensional higher graphic quality games. Games like ‘Crash Bandicoot’, ‘Resident Evil’ and ‘Need for Speed’ were the start of what was to come. When the PlayStation 2 came out it only made gaming better, bringing in next level titles and crisper graphics.
In 2008 Nintendo changed gears and started rethinking their strategy. However, they didn’t bring too many new concepts, instead choosing to build on what they already had. In light of that the Nintendo 3DS XL was a true flagship handheld console for the new millennium.
With all time favourite titles like ‘Mario Brothers’, ‘Mario Kart’ and ‘Spyro’ Nintendo brought the console market to the masses. To date they have shipped more than 50 million consoles worldwide. Nintendo kept their game storage solid state to save on loading time and explored newer concepts like 3D, Wi-Fi connectivity and augmented reality.

This console was a winner, though it did have its shortcomings.
The original Xbox is next, bringing this list to a close. When Microsoft released this console, it was their first move into the console gaming world and it was one that was questioned by many. Being their first console, it was also not the prettiest looking thing, but it brought new technology that no other manufacturer had perfected. The original Xbox gave us ‘Halo’, the first truly classic first person shooter game.

They also encouraged multiplayer gaming, either by users connecting to Xbox Live online, or by connecting consoles on a LAN network. With a maximum of 16 players, many PC gamers quickly adopted the console, which solved issues surrounding latency and internet connectivity speeds at the time.
So we urge you to raid the cupboards, storage lockers and garages and dig out those old consoles this weekend as there is loads of fun to be had. It’s a pleasant reminder of the past, when console gaming kick-started the revolution and took us away from playing solitaire and minesweeper.