Health & Beauty: Accessorise – WIN

Health & Beauty: Accessorise – WIN

By RoxyK

We all strive to look elegant, simple and beautiful when dressed up. The great thing is that there are many ways to be fashionable. Style and elegance can be enhanced simply by adding things like beautiful handbags, purses, jewellery, headbands, ear rings and rings. Accessories should complement your clothes and draw attention to a particular piece, or feature you wish to emphasise. Selecting the correct accessories is an art and every piece of jewellery you choose must suit your personality, occasion and style.

Experiment with colours and style and find the one that would suit you. Accessories can define your style and a simple outfit like a white shirt and jeans can be transformed by accessorizing with different items such as rings, necklaces and bangles. Even your hair deserves some accessories with beautiful hairpins, headbands or hair clips amongst the items that can be chosen.
If you are the type of person that likes exclusivity and uniqueness in what you wear then your best option would be to buy accessories that are handmade.

These pieces are usually one of a kind and always make a statement.
I found a fabulous lady right here in Cape Town who makes the most elegant accessories, from headbands to scarf pins.
All her items are made by order so that you get that unique piece of jewellery that you want. She started her beaded work at the age of 14 years and learnt all the intricate beaded work from her mother. She now offers hand crafted accessories at affordable prices. Beaded work on bridal outfits takes up to a few months, while a simple bangle or head gear could take a day to make. Her selection has grown over time and her business known as Wimpsy offers a wide variety of items.

I also found two young women from Khaylitsha whose aim was to give disabled people a chance to showcase their inner talent.
This talent is expressed in the creation of the most exclusive ethnic jewellery, which is colourful and all hand crafted.
The bangles are carefully made by using different beads, buttons and pins, which lend the pieces a one of a kind uniqueness. Necklaces are interlaced with an array of colourful buttons threaded and twisted together to create a beautiful piece. You can order the exact style and pattern you want and it takes about a week to complete.



One lucky reader can win a unique piece of jewellery. Send your name and “Accessorise” in the subject line in an e-mail to: before 12pm on Monday, August 25. Good luck!