Gadget Buddies

Gadget Buddies

By Imran Khan

Gaming on the go
One of the biggest problems for gamers is portability. If you want to play games with high resolution on a good display, you have to be at a desktop PC setup. Of course there are mobile solutions like PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS and the all important smart phone. None of these offer the same functionality and capabilities of a well set up computer to run high resolution games, which sparked us to look for something that could.
We have found it and it’s finally in South Africa too. The MSI GT72 is the ultimate gaming laptop to hit South African retailers. This laptop runs the latest i7 generation processor that can be boosted to 3.5 gigahertz. It also has the latest Nvidia GeForce GT880M graphics card, boasting 8 gigabytes of memory. What is more impressive is the storage capacity in this laptop. MSI has loaded it with four solid state drives, each with 128 gigabytes and squeezed in a one Terabyte hard drive. All of this in a sleek 17.3 inch package which comes in at just 5 centimetres thick.
This laptop also has a back lit keyboard, sub woofer, Blu-ray writer, fans for days and Windows 8.1 comes standard. And the price you ask? The MSI GT72 will cost you R40000, but we have to admit that it is an impressive beast.

Free games, you say?
This is something we only found out about now, believe it or not, and for most South Africans it will probably be their first time too. The PlayStation Plus network offers free games every month to its members. Becoming a member is as simple as connecting your PlayStation device to the Wi-Fi and signing up online. We gave it a try and signed up for the trial first and boy, were we surprised!
This month, the PS Plus is offering some really amazing full games to its members, which include:
• ‘Crysis 3’
• ‘FEZ’
• ‘LEGO Harry Potter’
• ‘Road not taken’

Off course we downloaded ‘Crysis 3’ first. Then we downloaded ‘Lego Harry Potter’ for the fun of it. The amazing thing is these games are all free and offered directly from the PlayStation Plus database. So we suggest that all our readers take advantage of this opportunity!

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