Health & Beauty: Beautiful feet and hands – WIN

Health & Beauty: Beautiful feet and hands – WIN

By RoxyK

Our feet are the roots of our body. They endure a lot of pressure from walking, running, exercising or just standing. With some 26 bones and a complex framework of muscles, tendons and ligaments, your feet absorb the impact of your full body weight. They keep you balanced and upright in the process. Surprisingly, uncared for feet may lead to chronic problems being developed.

Circulation is often associated with older feet, but anyone can develop these problems. When there is not enough blood flowing to your feet, you may experience tingling, numbness, cramping and discoloration of the skin and toenails. It you have a cut or bruise, make sure that is well cared for and that the sore heals to prevent serious foot problems. Foot odor, cracked skin, fallen arches, corns, ingrown toenails, fungal infections and damaged bones can cause discomfort and also reduce mobility. The best way to keep your feet healthy is a simple regimen of daily care that will help keep the skin, bones and muscles of your feet functioning properly. Start by wearing the correct shoes, ones that fit properly. It must support the arch and the front of the shoe should have ample space and must never squash the toes. Next step is to keep the feet dry to prevent any fungal infection.

Caring for your feet is made simple with Milk Solutions, which is an up market range of professional products designed for your feet. Milk Solutions offers you a unique combination of milk and honey for the protecting and soothing properties of the skin. The milk contains proteins, vitamins and minerals to protect the skin, store moisture and induce the formation of natural collagen and elastin fibres. Milk in the form of lactic acid also has a strong exfoliation action, helping to soften and smooth the skin. The added ingredient is honey, which contains over half of all amino acids. Honey has a low PH balance and therefore has strong antibacterial properties. Because of this honey is universally valued for wound, external ulcer and burn healing. It also soothes internal body surfaces and has anti-inflammatory properties.

So, let’s take a look at simple steps to get the best looking feet.
Firstly, soak feet with the milk soak therapy for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help soothe and soften the skin. Then you should gently apply the heel peel, which is an alkaline wash that dissolves between the layers of the dead skin. Using a pumice you gently remove any dead, dry and flaky skin. Rinse feet thoroughly and then massage with the heel balm. This is a nourishing blend of hydrating ingredients to soften, smooth and protect the heels from cracking. Lastly the mattifying foot spray is applied to the feet for instant freshness.

We all love beautiful hands and feet so Milk Solutions offers the tomato and basil hand scrub with fine pumice to invigorate and remove dead skin. The feet and hands are left soft and cleansed with a hint of an uplifting tomato and basil smell. A gentle massage with a rooibos and honey moisturiser nourishes and hydrates the skin to give you a fresh feel and glowy exterior.

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