A is for Antonio Carluccio, one of the Two Greedy Italians who will be at the Good Food & Wine Show in Cape Town.
Commendatore Antonio Carluccio is an OBE, OMRI and a much loved and admired Italian cookery writer, chef, restaurateur and food expert.
In 1991, Antonio opened an Italian food shop, Carluccio’s.
An authentic Italian restaurant with an integrated food shop, the outlets serve light, Italian-based breakfasts.
The chain expanded and, in 2005, Carluccio’s listed on the Alternative Investment Market as a PLC. Today, Carluccio’s operates from over 70 UK locations.
In addition to his many books and TV appearances, he has written 20 books on subjects ranging from mushrooms, pasta, Italian cooking and opera to his autobiography, which was published in 2012.
His new book, Pasta, is being launched in SA at the Good Food & Wine show and will be available for purchase at the show.
His travels around Italy with this close friend and fellow chef, Gennaro Contaldo, were filmed for the popular BBC series, ‘Two Greedy Italians’.
The Celebrity Chefs Theatre at the GFWS is presented by Woolworths & Robertsons Herbs and Spices

B is for baking theatre, which will play to the new cooking trend that’s taking the world by storm.
The Good Food & Wine Show Cape Town is answering to the global rise in baking and has brought Kenwood on board to give visitors the chance to attend classes in the baking theatre so that they can learn and be inspired.
We’re going back to basics and baking is a great way to demonstrate how people think nowadays in terms of real food, real cooking and real ingredients.  There are two sides to this new trend:  technical baking and the more rustic and natural kind of baking.
Technical baking covers patisserie, where mirror glazes, temper chocolate and edible gold characterise clever and beautiful baking products. With the return to more natural ingredients, we can expect to see different flavour combinations, such as lemon and lavender.  We will also see natural ganaches, choux pastry – éclairs are back in fashion – and mash-up bakes, which includes things like sticky toffee pie and razzle dazzle roulade.  Another trend in baking is a modern take on old-fashioned favourites, such as the Victoria sandwich but with interesting fillings like a salted caramel cream.
You can see cooks and experts in action in the Kenwood Baking Theatre.

C is for Chef Carlo Cracco, the triple Michelin star Italian chef.
Italian, multi-award winning Chef Carlo Cracco was born in Vicenza, Northern Italy in 1965. Having studied at the Istituto Professionale Alberghiero (Professional Hotel Institute), he began his professional career in 1986 at Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, which was the first Italian restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars.  His next position was La Meridiana in Garlenda.
He then did a three year stint in France, where he learned French cuisine from Alain Ducasse (Hotel de Paris) and Lucas Carton (Senderens, Paris) before returning to Italy when he was appointed Chef at Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence.  While here, the restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars.  He went on to open Le Clivie in Piobesi d’Alba, which was awarded a Michelin star after only one year.  In 2001, Cracco was invited by the Stoppani family, owner of Milan’s famous gourmet shop, Peck (established in 1883), to open the Cracco-Peck Restaurant., which was awarded two Michelin stars. Since 2007, Carlo Cracco has been the sole owner of Ristorante Cracco, which has been named one of the World’s best 50 restaurants.  He also oversees food in the first and business class for Singapore Airlines and the new 5-star hotel Palazzo Parigi Hotel and Grand Spa in Milan, where a new gourmet restaurant also bears his name.
Book to see Cracco live through Computicket.

D is for Delicious … and for De Longhi and Deena Naidoo
Founded in Italy in 1902, De Longhi is a family business that has become a worldwide favourite.  From its humble roots producing air conditioners and spare parts, De Longhi is now synonymous with design and regularly wins awards for its kitchen appliances. De Longhi will be creating a delicious coffee experience at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show.
Deena Naidoo won the first MasterChef South Africa competition and then went on to launch his restaurant, Aarya, at Montecasino.
Naidoo’s approach to food and cooking is to keep it as simple as possible and focus equally on taste and the presentation of the meal. His award-winning butter chicken in a cashew and almond sauce, served with jeera basmati rice is well-loved.
The Celebrity Chefs Theatre at the GFWS is presented by Woolworths & Robertsons Herbs and Spices

E is for Everyday edible
Time is more precious than ever in our everyday and busy lives.  The proliferation of apps makes it easier to stay in touch with what’s happening in the foodie world.  They help us to keep in step with the trends and give us the kind of recipes that we want.  But they don’t do the work itself and sometimes when we roll up our sleeves, we get stuck and then we panic because we don’t have enough time.  It’s all a bit of a whirlwind.
Enter the Spar Food Theatre at the Good Food & Wine Show.  Coming to our rescue, Spar is helping to give every-day cooking a bit of a makeover.  The ‘how to cook’ theatre will show visitors how to prepare a tasty family dinner using simple and nutritious ingredients timeously.  It will also show you can do all this and save electricity at the same time.  Healthy tips, practical winning ways and Spar will help ease the stress of getting it all done every day.

F  is for foraging and food trucks
Digging for your dinner may not be an appealing way to prepare a gourmet meal but thousands around the world are rediscovering the benefits of foraging for their food and unearthing the goodness and rich flavours of wild food.
Foraging encompasses far more than popping into your local forest and searching for mushrooms.  Foraging is fun and it gets you back to nature and into eating healthily.  Food Trucks – Embracing the mobile era, streetwise food trucks will present their grub to discerning palates at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show.  No more the ‘roach coach’ of years gone by, these are modern, slick and even ‘green’ purveyors of fresh food experiences.  Food on the go is a growing necessity of today’s lifestyle but snacks and quick fixes do not have to be unhealthy and food trucks present it all in a novel, fun and appealing way too.
Food champions at the Good Food & Wine Show will be featured on market stands. These champions include everything from confectionery, honey and Turkish Delight to chutney, pickles, cured meats and cheeses.

G is for Gourmet … for Gennaro Contaldo and for Grain vs Grape
Gennaro Contaldo is known as the Italian legend who taught Jamie Oliver all he knows about Italian cooking.  He still works with Jamie on the hugely successful chain of Italian restaurants ‘Jamie’s Italian’.
His first cookbook in 2003, named after his former award-winning restaurant, Passione, was won the ‘Gourmand World Cookbook – Best Italian Cuisine Book 2003’ and was also short-listed for the André Simon Award.
Gennaro co-wrote ‘Two Greedy Italians’ with Antonio Carluccio, which accompanied the first TV series.
Book early to see Gennaro Live in the Celebrity Chefs Theatre. The Celebrity Chefs Theatre at the GFWS is presented by Woolworths & Robertsons Herbs and Spices
Grain vs Grape:  at this year’s Good Food & Wine Show, we explore the rise in craft beers. Wine has a long and rich South African heritage; it has many health benefits and continues to find favour at dinner parties and as an accompaniment to food generally.
Beer is now encroaching on this territory and it’s not just about matching beer to curry any more.
Cape Town has seen a growth in micro-breweries recently.  Similarly, eating establishments are opening to loud applause as they serve food people like to enjoy with these varied and dynamic handcrafted beers.  Drinking beer is not just for the boys anymore because craft beer has sparked a new revolution that appeals equally to men and women.

H is for healthy eating … happy families and healthy habits
In tune with the healthy eating movement and the inclusion of more natural ingredients in our cooking, foraging, sustainability and other green trends, the 2014 Good Food and Wine Show is specifically looking into the effect food has on our health, our outlook on life and our productivity. Understanding that good eating habits are formed in early childhood and that a healthy family is a happy one, Good Food & Wine Show organisers have invited CBeebies chef, Katy Ashworth to the show.  Katy Ashworth is a British actress who is best known for presenting ‘I Can Cook’ on the BBC’s BAFTA award-winning children’s channel, CBeebies. The show is a cookery programme for children under six years old and Katy has presented four seasons of this popular show.
Ashworth is a patron of Brainwave, which supports children with brain illnesses and, in February 2012, she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in support of the charity.  She is also an ambassador of the Make A Wish Foundation, an organisation that grants wishes to children with life-threatening conditions; and she supports Bliss Foundation, which promotes care for premature babies.
Book early to see Katy Ashworth live in the Celebrity Chefs Theatre.

I is for Ice-cream and Indian Tourism
India Tourism brings its brand ‘Incredible India’ to the Good Food & Wine Show.
This is one of the many international tourism boards that uses the show as a platform to engage with visitors so that they may fall in love with a country before they visit it and India Tourism believes fervently that people fall in love with a country and its culture through its food.  Delicious and spicy offerings and great tourism packages to India abound on this amazing stand at the show, which has become an annual favourite with the visitors.
Amazingly, ‘iced cream’ was around in 400BC and is thought to have originated in Persia where fruit concentrates were poured over ice from surrounding snow-capped mountains and then housed in specially built ice houses, called Yakchals.  Once the exclusive domain of royalty and the rich, ice-cream has come a long way.  In fact, it’s now set to become one of the biggest trends over the next 24 months with the ice-cream sandwich at the top of the list, followed by funky flavoured sorbets and palate cleansers.
The other scoop is that there are more health-conscious ice-creams products with natural ingredients and low levels of fat and sugar becoming increasingly available.

J is for juggling, junior and julienne
Visitors have so much to choose from at the Good Food & Wine Show that they’ll feel as if they’re juggling to catch the best features.  If they have children, there’s plenty for the junior members of the family to enjoy – such as the Kids Baking Theatre (Sweet Treats) and watching CBeebies Katy Ashworth in action.  Katy is the celebrated ‘I can cook’ programme presenter and she appears regularly in the Celebrity Chefs Theatre as well as in the Kids Baking Theatre.  And, for those who want to learn some basic kitchen skills, the Spar Food Theatre will teach you everything from how to julienne your vegetables to blind baking your pastry.
J is also for joy – because, under this letter alone, there is just such a jolly amount to enjoy.

K is for Kyknet Kook and Kids Baking Theatre
Celebrating the unique Afrikaaner culture, cuisine and heritage, the Kyknet Kook at the Good Food & Wine Show will feature well-known Afrikaans celebrities cooking up a storm.
Sweet treats await kids and their parents in the Selati Kids Baking Theatre, where they can learn how to bake their own special cakes.
To get them super excited, they’ll entre the theatre through a giant cupcake before having the opportunity to learn from the best because CBeebies ‘I can Cook’ presenter, Katy Ashworth other SA foodie personalities will be on hand to sweeten the kids to their baking tasks.
A series of hands-on workshop for parents and their children will take place every … year.

L is for ‘Live with Liezel’ and ‘Leandri van der Wat’
Live with Liezel V:   The Next 48 Hours will be presenting a foodie talk show at the Good Food & Wine Show, Cape Town entitled Live with Liezel V.    Already a household name after an impressive stint on MNET Idols, Liezel van der Westhuizen is currently taking the South African entertainment scene by storm.
As only the second woman in the world to present Idols, Liezel has become a familiar TV face. She is presenter of the weekly TV show The Next 48hOURS on Dstv263 and Cape Town TV and also does a weekly show, the Sunday Sundowner, on 94.5KFM radio.
At Good Food & Wine Show, the Live with Liezel V show will see celebrity chefs and other foodie personalities taking their turn in the hot seat where they will answer questions about their food tastes, best recipes, indulgences, kitchen habits and more.  Viewers will get an insight into the private foodie lives of everyone Liezel talks to.
Leandri van der Wat came second by a fraction in the MasterChef SA 2013 competition.
Her approach to cooking is to make simple food with punchy flavours.
Book now on Computicket to see Leandri van der Wat live in action in the Celebrity Chefs Theatre presented by Woolworths & Robertsons Herbs and Spices

M is for ‘‘Meet the Chefs’ and MasterChef Australia Winner.  
There are some wonderful opportunities to get up close and personal with your culinary hero.
At this year’s Good Food & Wine Show, visitors booking for the Celebrity Chefs Theatre, presented by Woolworths and Robertsons Herbs and Spices, will be given the chance to meet the chef of their choice.
Adjacent to the theatre, a special lounge has been established for the ‘meet the chef’ area … because sometimes watching your favourite chef in action is just not enough.
Emma Dean is a cook, forager and author, and the winner of the 2013 series of MasterChef Australia, which was just announced on MNT.
Her first cookbook, ‘A Home Grown Table’ (published in December 2013), is a collection of over 100 recipes that captures Emma’s hobby-farm origins.
Emma’s winning cooking style is inspired by a combination of her regional upbringing and her enthusiasm for urban foraging.

N is for new products and new ideas
There are loads of new products being released at the Good Food & Wine Show. Take, for example, the new jaffle iron.  It’s been re-invented and named The Diablo, and it makes it possible for you to make any kind of deep delicious snack on top of any cooker – gas, electric, ceramic, braai or even a camp fire. It’s revolutionising the toasted sandwich.
For new ideas, you only have to see some of the Celebrity Chefs in action or visit any of the food and wine stands to get some new inspirations you can interpret in your own kitchen.

O is for Oranjezicht City Farm
One of the best places for ‘lacavores’ to visit in Cape Town is the Oranjezict City Farm.
‘Locavore’ means a person who likes to eat food that is locally sourced and produced.  It was the word of the year in 2007, originating in San Francisco as an acknowledgment of World Environment Day, and has since spread to all corners of the globe.
The Oranjezicht City Farm is a non-profit project and celebrates local food, culture and community through its urban farming initiative using organic farming principles that aim to promote ecological balance and conserves the biodiversity.
More than providing fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to the local community, the project bridges the generational gap, linking youth to older people who have grown up getting their hands dirty.  In doing so, there is the real potential to grow urban food production and create a whole new economy.
The Oranjezicht City Farm wants to encourage the practice of urban farming amongst other communities elsewhere too.
Making better use of our open spaces in cities and towns can preserve and protect these areas as well as be a rich source of nutritious food for local residents from all income groups.
At the Good Food & Wine Show the Oranjezicht City Farm’s founder, Sheryl Ozinsky, is talking about how to grow your own, sustain what you have and become a locavore

P is for Pairing
Pairing – matchmaking regional wines and local foods
A whole new tasting experience awaits Good Food & Wine Show visitors who can pitch their palates and come up with their own pairings of wines and foods from different areas.
A great experiment and a satisfactory one is to see if one can pick the regions from which wines and foods originate.
Food and wine pairing is an art. Matching the right wine to the right food really can enhance the overall taste and sensory experience.  It makes sense to have a wine from the same region accompanying the food on your plate. Unique climates and soil conditions, when combined with a winemaker’s own exceptional flair, create some dramatic taste profiles.
A tantalising journey of sensory discovery awaits your taste buds this year.

If they bug you, eat ‘em!
At least, that’s the message at the new Pestaurant at the Good Food & Wine Show.
Do you have the heart and stomach for savoury treats like cricket crostini, crispy mealworms and roasted locust canapés? Or, for those with a sweeter tooth, how about chocolate covered ants and scorpion lollipops?
Some primitive tribes survive by eating insects and, now today’s trendy, fun-loving set are getting into them too.
Pestaurants have created quite a buzz – no pun intended – and leading pest control companies like Rentokil view the trend with more than a whirr of anticipation because the pestaurant’s increasing popularity will help make insect farms more prevalent too.  The Pestaurant is a very first for South Africa.

Q is for Queen – the queen of spice, Cass Abrahams
Known as The Spice Queen and the Pioneer of
Cape Cuisine, Chef Cass Abrahams has a personality as zesty as her beloved spices. She is a specialist in Cape Malay cuisine and culture and her inspiration in cooking is drawn from the rich history and mélange of flavours that South Africa offers.
Robertsons is almost as entrenched in South African culture as braai-vleis and sunny skies. The Robertsons herbs and spices range has become a trusted source of added flavour and aroma for many South African households.  In 2010, Robertsons formed a partnership with Cass Abrahams in order to give South Africans a range of spicy cooking demonstrations and recipe tips. Book at Computicket to see Cass Abrahams in the Celebrity Chefs Theatre.

R is for routes
At the Good Food & Wine Show, you can go on the brew route, a virtual wine route and journey around the Western Cape’s artisanal food growers and producers.
The Brew Route features the biggest ever line-up of on-tap beers in one place in Cape Town.  The Craft Beer Project is bringing six beers from Boston Breweries including Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale, John Gold Weiss and Naked Mexican; Everson’s Cider is pouring its Apple Cider; Kings Craft Brewing Co is showcasing Lionheart Lager; Jack Black will sample both Jack Black Lager and Butcher Block Pale Ale; the Cape Brewing Company will be pulling pints of CBC Krystal Weiss or CBC Lager; and the Belgian Beer Company will be offering visitors the chance to sample their Vedette Extra White beer.

S is for Siba Mtongana
Siba is a dynamic food enthusiast who brings style and charisma to her food programmes.  She is the host of ‘Siba’s Table’ on DStv’s Food Network channel, which debuted in September 2013 and was an instant hit.
It is now broadcast in over 90 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Siba’s previous award winning cooking show, ‘Cooking with Siba’ aired on MNET’s Mzansi

T is for taste and tasting
Isn’t it marvellous that we have taste buds?  Imagine going through life without them – you wouldn’t be able to savour, salivate or stimulate your palate and life would be surely be rather dull. Of course, once you have had a taste of the good things, your appetite for more good tastes just increases – because you can’t go backwards on good flavour.  Perhaps this is why every year the Good Food & Wine Show gets more and more sophisticated and broad in its appeal.
We think that the complexities, the variety, the sheer explosion of new flavours would give Aristotle reason to hypothesize.  He might even have enthused in this musings about what’s on offer.

U is for ‘unctuous’ and for ‘utensils’
Wikipedia’s wine glossary says the following about the word ‘unctuous’:  a tasting descriptor to describe a wine that has layers of soft, concentrated, velvety fruits. Unctuous wines are lush, rich, and intense.
In response to a question about what ‘unctuous’ means, the Wine Spectator says that ‘unctuous’ is mostly a positive term. “It refers to a rich, lush texture, or soft, velvety tannins that are caressing and deep. However, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. “Sweet but not unctuous” could refer to a dessert wine that’s balanced with good acidity, keeping it light-bodied and not overly heavy or cloying.
And, not surprisingly, Wikipedia has this on utensils:
A kitchen utensil is a hand-held, typically small tool or utensil that is used in the kitchen, for food-related functions. A cooking utensil is a utensil used in the kitchen for cooking. A partially overlapping category of tools is that of eating utensils, which are tools used for eating.
What we certainly know, without looking anything up, is that you can’t do much in a kitchen without utensils and you probably won’t enjoy too many wines if they don’t have a degree of unctuousness about them.
So, go and enjoy finding more about all this and more at the Good Food & Wine Show!

V is for Vichit Mukara
As the Executive Thai Chef and Senior Consultant to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Chef Vichit Mukura has become a world-acclaimed and international ambassador of Thai cuisine.
Born in the seaside resort city of Pattaya in the province of Chonburi, Chef Vichit Mukura developed a passion for cooking when he was nine and his mother taught him how to make curry paste by pounding chilli with a pestle and mortar.
His career in the culinary industry spans over two decades during which time he has worked in various hotels around Thailand.
Since 1987, Chef Vichit has travelled the world and spread the art of this exotic cuisine.
His numerous Thai cuisine promotional trips have taken him to prestigious hotels and restaurants in many countries including Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, The United Kingdom and The United States of America.
Book now to see Chef Vichit Mukara in the Celebrity Chefs Theatre.

W is for writers block
Anyone with an urge, a talent or a salaried need to write about food and wine now has a designated space at the 2014 Good Food & Wine Show.  The ‘Writers Block’ area is being specially given over so that all and any writer – from bloggers and foodies to seasoned food and wine journalists – may express their enthusiasm for all things culinary or oenological while they’re at the show.
In a space where writers and the media can cook up some exciting copy, the Writers Block also aims to inspire budding food writers and bloggers.  The Good Food & Wine Show will then showcase all copy on a special blog and writers are also free to post their copy elsewhere, of course.
To provide further inspiration, Yuppie Chef is giving a voucher for R500 to the writer whose copy has been judged the best by Woolworths and the Good Food & Wine Show organisers.  To enter, writers have only to submit something they have written about the Show and of which they are particularly proud.

X is for X rated secuctive nutrition
Knowing how many more people adhere to healthy eating regimes, the Good Food & Wine Show Cape Town has created a ‘Seductive Nutrition’ pavilion that will introduce not just a slice of healthy living but also a hint of sauciness.  Healthy eating regimes can be sexy too.
The increase globally in food allergens and intolerances brought about by, for example, the use of pesticides at source and over-processing of our foods, has sparked a revolution.  Getting back to basics and choosing the best ingredients and then how to get the most out of them using the least amount of intervention has become a culinary art form in its own right.  A lot of people have to eat certain foods and the assumption is that this is boring … but it doesn’t have to be, of course.
There is a lot of information out there about what’s good or bad for us to eat and, while it’s good to be aware of all these things, you don’t have to be worthy and boring about it too.  You can get exciting and excited by it all and try new things. Get experimental with healthy foods and fulfil your wildest desires for really good food – food that’s good for you digestively and for other senses as well.

Y is for Yummy
A feast of treats awaits visitors to the Good Food & Wine Show this year.    Not only the restaurant quarter and the food trucks stop will offer up sumptuous morsels but also South Africa’s food champions on their market stands will be lining up to tempt you.
You can taste a range of delicious handmade cordials form Wilde at Heart;  raw infused honeys and bee products from all over South Africa will be on the Honey Connoisseur’s stand;   Cape Mountain Charcuterie will have their cured meats at the show;   if Pasteias de Nata, Portuguese bread and prawn cakes (not necessarily eaten together) take your fancy, then visit the Portalia Foods stand;  and if organic olive products, chilli sauces and herbs are your thing, then visit Bella Vita Farm’s stall.
Whatever tickles your fancy, you’re bound to find masses of distractedly yummy things to taste at the Good Food & Show.

Z is for zest – as in for life and for flavouring
If you use lemon juice on spinach when you’re cooking it, you’re adding more liquid which you don’t necessarily want or need.  But, if you add lemon zest instead, you get all the flavour you want but none of the slosh.  Use lemon and orange zest and save the slosh for something that needs it. And, so it is in life too, because if you adopt a zest for life, you won’t be sloshing around. Rather, you’ll be clean, sharp and full of promise. Go make a zabaglione and add some zest and put some zing in your life – so says the Good Food & Wine Show!