Local voices on 10 years of the Next 48hOURS

Local voices on 10 years of the Next 48hOURS

Margit Meyer-Rodenbeck
Dowwe Dolla
When I skip an edition of The Next 48hOURS, I have the need to phone the police and file a missing of all the action report. If only there was enough hours in a day to explore all your suggestions. Thank you for 10 years of infotainment.

Danny K
As someone who exists in the entertainment world we kind of rely on guys like you to spread the world about what we’re involved in at any given time, so I’m just very appreciative to you guys for exposing South African arts and culture. It really makes our job of being out there a lot easier. So here’s to a decade of celebrations.

Brian Berkman
Well done on your continued growth which, especially in these hard-pressed media times, is impressive. Clearly The Next 48hOURS is the product of a great editorial and production team, but also of a visionary who not only sees new opportunities, but grabs them. Here’s to the next decade!

Riekie Greyling
As the first editor and co-founder of The Next 48hOURS, I am still so proud to have been part of the birth and nurturing of one of Cape Town’s own ‘newspaper children’. We’re living in difficult times, and for a relatively small independent newspaper to survive in such an environment is a commendable achievement. I now live in the north, far away from my beloved mountain, sea and the people I adore. I now live the life of Tshwane. But no, I haven’t been to Loftus and no, I will never ever cheer on a group of wild blue man cows while waving a blue flag.

Orielle Berry (former deputy editor The Next 48hOURS)
It’s hard to believe that 10 years have swept by since The Next 48hOURS was born, a brave and bouncy new baby on the media block. Congratulations to the 48hOURS team for bringing it out week after week – it’s been a remarkable achievement. I remember with great fondness the heady days when I was part of the founding team, all those gorgeously good-looking and talented “boys” that I had the fortune to work alongside (and enjoy the eye-candy): Nic, James, Jeremy, Clement and what can one say about one of the funniest, quirkiest and dearest people I have ever met – Riekie, the former editor. While us originals have all gone our separate ways, Naushad remains the stalwart.

Maggie Rowley (Communications Manager Ratanga)
The Next 48hOURS has been a cornerstone of our marketing for the past decade. It is a handy, easy read reference to what is going on in our city and has enriched all of our lives considerably. Here’s to further growth and success over the next 10 years!