Gadget Buddies: Gaming’s ultimates

Gadget Buddies: Gaming’s ultimates

By Imran Khan

To commemorate The Next 48hOURS celebrating 10 years of publishing, this week’s article is dedicated to the games that we feel should be on every ultimate gamer’s shelf. They are a mix of classic games that have cemented franchises or set bench marks in their genre. Over the years we have seen so many games released boasting to be the best but just a handful have made our list, these are those gems!

‘Need For Speed Underground’
‘Need For Speed Underground 1’ was a hit as it really brought a new level to the car game genre, but when ‘NSFU2’ came out it really kick-started the franchise. ‘Underground 2’ gave us richer graphics, more realistic vehicle sounds and more options for customizing your car.
Off course we all aspired to build a car as good as the Nissan 350z that we start the game with – how they fool us. This game brought much success to Electronic Arts, who in turn rolled out more games under the genre like ‘Pro Street’, ‘Rivals’ and ‘Most Wanted’.

Perhaps the only game in the sport genre that has really won the market. There are several merits to this game as you may have read in our recent review of ‘Fifa 2014’. ‘Fifa’ has managed to stay the same game since day one and we mean nothing has really changed in terms of the game’s fundamentals. We have seen improvements in intelligence, tactics and upgrades top teams and stadiums over the years. This particular game really demonstrates how a game can gather a cult following. Perhaps this should have been ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’s’ space in the market, but ‘Fifa’ has really scored the goal.

‘Tomb Raider’
Yes, we just went there. ‘Tomb Raider’ has come out in so many different versions, including the most recent ‘Dark Angel’ and ‘Anniversary’ editions. In its earlier days we must admit that the graphics were nothing to write home about, even if you were playing it on the legendary PlayStation One console. What we really like about this game is the thought that went into creating obstacles and puzzles that would have players restarting several times before succeeding. In the later games there were times when even we needed a walkthrough to get past a level.

‘World of Warcraft’
‘World of Warcraft’ – where do we begin? It is the game that has by far the highest player base in world – around 7.8 million unique subscribers. We have seen so many games that tried to copy this concept, but ‘WOW’ (for short) still comes up top of the pile. This game is not about graphics and not about any trickery; it just an amazing strategy based game. We sat for hours playing it and still start up ‘Frozen Thrown’ now and then on the network.

So these were the games that we would always keep on our shelves as they are simply timeless. If you in a store his weekend make sure to look around in the Platinum game bins, as there are usually some amazing games in there. There are of course plenty more games that could be added to this list, so let us know of your favourites via Twitter or email.

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