Mother’s Day special – WIN

Mother’s Day special – WIN

By RoxyK

There are so many definitions of the word “mother”. A person who gives birth is a mother. A person who raises a child is a mother. The word “mother” is certainly not an all or nothing word – it is a spectrum.
Some would say that being a mother is the hardest job in the world. A mother holds a position of responsibility: she is supposed to love her children unconditionally, and put others before herself.
It may sound strange to some, but a mother knows when her child feels pain or is hurt. It would worry her and she would take extra care to make sure that her children are comfortable.

The world is a tough and harsh place and a mother should guide her children to learn and experience trials and tribulations, and through this the child will become stronger and wiser. No matter how old her child is; through a mother’s eyes her children will always be the best children. Mothers all over the world strive to keep their families together and I have met a unique person called Nicolene.

The nickname given to her by her husband is Antjie and from this the name of her products was developed. She has been in this industry for over twelve years and has perfected the combination of natural ingredients such as lavender, rooibos and chamomile into her nourishing body soaps.
The antjies range of products include body fizz soaks to hydrating bath salts. All ingredients are of the highest quality and beautifully packaged.
Her stylish bath mitts are all hand crocheted with absorbent high quality cotton, which easily glides onto the body. Every bath time is made extra special with Antjies products.

To WIN a hamper of these handmade products, send an email to and tell me why you choose natural ingredients for your beauty regime. Good luck!