The taxman comes for Dowwe Dolla

The taxman comes for Dowwe Dolla

Everyone’s favourite satirical blonde Dowwe Dolla is back at die Boer Theatre Restaurant in Durbanville in her new show ‘ddbb…Dowwe Dolla betaal belasting’. Audiences can catch the action on Saturday, April 26, at 8.30pm.

It is tough economic times, and Dolla (Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck) decides, in order to save money, to do her own tax return for this year. This turns out to be a complicated and nerve–wracking exercise and she decides to seek advice from experts in this field such as Kenny Kunene, Arthur Brown and her cousin Kotie’s consultant, “Rashid van die Vlakte”

She learns valuable new skills such as when the best times is to “hit” restaurants’ and rich people’s rubbish bins, searching for cash slips, as well as how important it is to hide the fact that there are four squirrels in her garden.

She also decides to meet whoever is in charge of our taxes, and gets a “dinner date” with the ambassador from China.

The lovable character is once again primed to take audiences on a hilarious roller-coaster ride that constantly threatens to derail, because…“net soos brandewyn, het belasting nie brieke nie…” (“Government, like brandy, has no brakes”).


* Tickets are R110 and available on 021 979 1911, or online at