More MyCiTi buses made available after increased demand

More MyCiTi buses made available after increased demand

Research conducted by Transport for Cape Town (TCT) has led to additional buses being deployed on some of the busiest routes of the MyCiTi network. This forms part of the City’s search for ways to improve commuters’ travel experience.
The number of buses on the following routes was increased at the end of March 2014: route 103 (Oranjezicht/ Gardens/ Civic Centre), routes 106 & 107 (Waterfront/ Civic Centre/ Camps Bay). Some of the buses that operated on route 108a (between Civic Centre and Queens Beach) were removed from service due to lower passenger numbers than expected

Another busy route that saw some changes was route T01 (Dunoon/ Table View/ Civic Centre). As from 1 March 2014, the City increased the number of buses on this route from 24 to 38 during peak hours. The decision to improve the capacity with an additional 14 buses was taken after monthly passenger surveys and regular visual inspections confirmed that the average occupancy during peak hours at that time was close to capacity. Since 1 March 2014 the number of buses during the inter-peak hours was also increased from four buses (one bus every 20 minutes) to 10 buses, arriving at 15-minute intervals. Despite having a total of eight of the 18-metre articulated buses which can accommodate 57 seated passengers, 72 standing passengers and two passengers in wheelchairs, as well as a total of 30 of the 12-metre buses which can accommodate 86 people (44 seated, 41 standing and one wheelchair), the occupancy rate on this route remains a challenge during peak hours especially for the passengers who want a seat or cannot travel standing.

Prior to the launch of the Dunoon route, all of the T01 route buses originated from the Table View or Wood stations; however, since the MyCiTi bus service was extended to Dunoon on 1 March 2014 this is no longer the case. Passengers who embark at Dunoon occupy the seats, thus the buses arriving from Dunoon during peak hours often only have standing capacity available.
Passenger surveys on the T01 route confirm at least 30% of the standing capacity on buses is still available during peak hours because some passengers only want to travel while seated.

The MyCiTi buses are designed and licensed to carry seated and standing passengers, as is the case with the majority of public transport services around the world.
“We wish to remind passengers that they should expect that commuting during peak times will not be as comfortable as during other times and that, most often during these times, a seat on the bus should be regarded as an exception, not the rule. As far as seats are concerned, preference should be given to older people, pregnant women and people with disabilities,” said Councillor Brett Herron, Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town.
The MyCiTi bus service is a world-class public transport system and these improvements confirm the City’s commitment to continuously searching for solutions to meet and exceed passengers’ expectations.

* For more information on these changes, visit, or call 0800 65 64 63.