‘Voices of the Guitar’ promises to speak to the soul

‘Voices of the Guitar’ promises to speak to the soul

By Melissa Cohen

“The guitar is my first language, it really hits home when I play it,” laughs guitarist Dimmitrios Giannakis during a recent meeting over a steaming cup of coffee.
Giannakis together with Jonathan Walters and Al Farid make up the members of ‘Voices of the Guitar’, a new musically themed show for Capetonians to get excited about.

“We want to touch and transform them (audience) because music is a language that can speak to the heart and being beyond words,” discusses Walters. ‘Voices of the Guitar’ showcases the trio’s love for the guitar and music in general as they use the production as a platform to encourage people to engage with different musical genres – from classical to Spanish, Flamenco, Jazz and even the Blues.
“We want to expose people to the guitar, more particularly, the classical guitar and then we want to eventually infuse other instruments into the sound to show people just how versatile the guitar is,” mentions Giannakis.

Giannakis and Walters’ love for music, and more specifically the guitar, is so profound that they have even dropped their day jobs to teach music full time. “I really want to use my talent to teach and pass on my knowledge of music and the guitar to the next generation of musicians, as well as re-educate society on good music and not the watered down stuff we hear on the radio nowadays,” laughs Walters.

Although ‘Voices of the Guitar’ is in the early stages, both musicians have great aspirations for the show’s future. Their ultimate aim is to popularise the music that they love so much to play. “We want people to enjoy music as much as we do and come out of our show feeling uplifted, healed and touched by the music,” explains Giannakis with a smile.

The band’s next show will be on April 12 at the Nassau Centre in Newlands, where they will be performing classics as well as some interesting numbers that may be unfamiliar to some, but promises to be enjoyable nevertheless. All proceeds made through the concert will go to the Pinelands North Primary School benefit fund.

* For bookings call 021 5313414, or 084 580 4618m, or pay at the door.

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