Music Musts: No room for gloom

Music Musts: No room for gloom
By Jonathan Duguid

By Jonathan Duguid

You may have noticed over the past week or so, that things are starting to get colder, the rain’s starting to come down a bit more, and the sun is rising a lot later than most of us. I’m no Derek van Dam, but I think we can put this down to us being in the middle of autumn, and moving dangerously close to winter.

I’m one of those people who happen to love winter. Give me a little chilliness, some rain, and a steaming hot cuppa coffee or Milo, and I’m as happy as can be. I’m also, at the best of times, an old man at heart, so coming home after work and putting on my nightgown and furry slippers, however embarrassing it may be, I find is a bit of a highlight of my day. You may feel free to judge.
Having said this, me being a lover of winter also means I’m not one to shy away from going out and enjoying this glorious city that we call home, and this week, my message to you is short ‘n sweet: Please don’t not go out because the weather may seem a bit gloomy. SA music and talent continually need your support, not just during the summery months, and quite honestly, you can actually have a lot of fun and create some amazing memories!

If you were at KDay 2014 last week Saturday and you stayed late, you know exactly what I mean. When the rain started pouring down during The Parlotones’ set, it was actually something quite special to behold. There was something magical about that moment, when fans didn’t let a little water get them down – and somehow, getting caught in the rain brings out so much more fun, laughing moments, and great memories in general.
So, my advice: dress warm, prepare for all the seasons (just pack your car boot with a few outfit options, should the weather change, which it is always likely to do in Cape Town), and support local talent this winter. You won’t regret it at all.

Let’s take a gander at this week’s gigs that are sure to warm you if the weather takes a turn:

On Friday, April 4, hard rockers will be able to enjoy Stoker at Mercury Live, as they launch their EP. Also performing will be Red Huxley and The Mysticcs. The gig kicks-off at 8pm and entrance is R30 before 8pm and R40 thereafter.

Saturday, April 5, will see Cape Town’s five-piece instrumental dance band, Nomadic Orchestra, at the Cape Farmhouse Restaurant. The show is from 3 to 6pm and cover is R65 per person. For more information, call 021 780 1246.

Lastly, on Sunday, April 6, one of my favourite SA artists, Jeremy Loops (who just this week went to no.1 on the SA iTunes chart, after not even a full day) will be performing live at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The show starts at 5.30pm and tickets range from R65 to 90 and are available from

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