A festival where the city serves as the venue

A festival where the city serves as the venue

When more than forty of Cape Town’s top musical talent get together you know that Cape Town is in for quite a party. Make a date to be in the centre of the city for the very first Sounds Fringe Festival, set to rock the city from Thursday to Sunday, March 27 to 30. From noon to 10pm across the four days, there will in all be more than 60 performances for music lovers to look forward to.

From rock to folk, acoustic guitar to Latin, jazz, afro pop and township jazz or simply music for your soul, the line up offers it all.
The venues are all within walking distance, and will feature performances by artists that include Farryl Purkiss, Alvin Dyers, Errol Dyers, Tete Mbambisa, The Rudimentals, Jeremy Olivier, Emily Bruce, Saudiq Khan, Albairre, Hassanada’s, Beatenberg and Sterling EQ.
The likes of Reza Khota, Francesca Biancoli, Amanda Tiffin, Spencer Mbadu, Gerald Clark, Amy Campbell, Sui Generis, Adamu, Philip Malan, Kanimambo, Nick Turner, Blackie Tempi, Touchwood, Dan Shout and Manny Walters will also share their sounds across the city.

Visiting Norwegian trumpeter Arne Hiorth, already well known in the city for his work with developing musicians, will also take the stage at St George’s Cathedral on Saturday, March 29, at 5pm. With his band members, local soloists and a 100 strong choir they will present their ‘Song of Freedom’, a choral tribute to Nelson Mandela.
Venue wise, Mandela Rhodes Place, Motherland Coffee Company, The Twankey Bar, The Reserve at the Taj, the Crypt and Inn on the Square will join the Iziko Slave Lodge and the Iziko Old Townhouse in putting on their glad rags to celebrate the musical talent that Cape Town is known for.

Across the world the concept of fringe festivals operating alongside major arts events has become an accepted practice, giving young, alternative and established artists’ unusual spaces to explore performance while giving audiences a cost effective way of enjoying cultural events. Small affordable concerts make this Sounds Fringe Festival an easy way to enjoy music and jol to our musical heritage. In addition the fresh food offerings at the Earth Fair Market on Thursday, March 27, the atmosphere of the outdoor eateries and a buzzing city are elements sure to add to a one of a kind music experience.

PETER TROMP chatted to globetrotting Durban native FARRYL PURKISS on the eve of the festival.

When did you first discover your love for music, and what pushed you to make a career out of it?
I started out just like any other musician I guess, writing songs in my bedroom; not ever thinking anyone else, but me and my dog would hear. Then the career aspect quite literally fell in my lap, and I just ran with it.

What are some of your most treasured highlights from your career so far?
There are far too many to pick even a handful. The past eight years has been an absolute experience in its collective self. The people, the travelling, the achieving, the failing – I am a blessed individual.

What prompted you to get involved with the Fringe Music Festival? What excited you about the format?
It reminds me of many of the festivals they have in the United States and Europe, where instead of a traditional festival format, the city serves as the venue. Taking venues which were not traditionally a venue, and making them one is a great concept.

How would you personally describe your sound?

Who are your musical inspirations?
Everything from other musicians to something as simple as cream soda.

What do you think of the Cape Town music scene, and where do you think it is at at the moment?
It is definitely evolving and taking on its own uniqueness that is very much Capetonians in its sound. The bands and artists coming out of Cape Town are blessed to be surrounded by the awesomeness that is the Mother City, and it shows through the music.

You’ve toured the world performing your music. How do international audiences differ from South African ones?
We definitely have the best audiences in the world.

What can we expect from you next?
I’m back overseas in June for a few months, then home to carry on doing what I do I.

* For more information and for the full programme, visit www.soundsfringecapetown.co.za.
Tickets are available at Computicket.