MyCiTi: Next stop, Atlantis

MyCiTi: Next stop, Atlantis

The City’s transport authority, Transport for Cape Town (TCT), will activate the first part of the Atlantis service on Saturday 12 April 2014. This comes hot on the heels of the launch of the MyCiTi service to the community of Dunoon.
The City’s Mayoral Committee Member: Transport for Cape Town, Councillor Brett Herron, says the development of the MyCiTi network of routes is about more than just putting buses on the roads.

“The overall objective of the TCT vision for public transport is the integration of a number of types of public transport to create a network that is focussed on the commuter’s needs, so they are able to move around the city from one part to the other in a seamless fashion in vehicles that are in a dignified condition, that are universally accessible, and affordable,” says Herron.

“We want to establish a system where people, over time, spend a smaller percentage of their monthly wages on transport. Apartheid era spatial planning made transport an expensive activity for too many people; we want to reverse that situation.”
The first MyCiTi buses hit the roads in 2010, with a service to support the FIFA World Cup. Planning started in 2007.
“It is important for people to realize there is a long lead time for the roll out of this type of infrastructure. We are now close to the finalization of the roll-out of phase 1 of MyCiTi. It will eventually cover the entire city, over the next 10 to 15 years,” says Herron.
He explains that careful planning went into the development of any new route or service.

“The starting point is to identify those origins and destinations that need to connect up with major economic hubs. We need to pinpoint where we need to introduce new mass transport connections, which assists in identifying where new trunk routes are needed,” says Herron.
TCT then engages with existing operators are in the area, in terms of existing legislative frameworks and offers them a chance to become part of the new MyCiTi service.
“In phase 1, we have approached GABS and Sibanye (in Atlantis) and taxi groups. They have set up three VOCs, or Vehicle Operating Companies, with which we have entered into 12 year contracts in accordance with which they will give up their existing operations, in favour of becoming part of the new MyCiTi operators in the area they used to operate in,” says Herron.

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