CPT – Nightlife Guide 21-27 Mar

Fiction Fridays

Electic mash up of mind-blowing genre smashing music so get there this weekend cause it’s all about the music.

21 March @ 10pm

R40 – R50

Fiction, 226 Long Street, Cape Town



Come experience the freaky side of Cape Town with bands and performances artists to extract you from your dull lives and present you with something weird and wonderful.


21 March @ 8pm

Ragazzi Lounge, 7 Loop Street, Cape Town


Side Show Fridays

The Side Show are bringing you a tasty psy line-up of BERG, Deliriant, Commercial Hippies, Portal and more to extract you from this world so join the exodus

21 March @ 9pm

The Side Show, 11 Mechau Street, Cape Town, Tel: 082 0770315