Start your day with a dose of ‘Kimmistry’

Start your day with a dose of ‘Kimmistry’

Celebrated TV presenter and actress Kim Cloete has a new role: she will be hosting ‘Kimmistry’, a new programme on Heart 104.9FM on weekdays from 9am to 12pm.
The born and bred Capetonian set her sights on the bright lights of Johannesburg after high school – despite receiving a full scholarship for accounting at UCT – to follow her passion in the TV, film and drama industry. She has hardly looked back since. She found her big break in 2001 when she landed her first presenting job for E-TV’s ‘Craz-e’ after only two months in Gauteng.

Her stage debut came in 2007 as Princess Tiger Lily in the pantomime ‘Peter Pan’ for the Civic Theatre in Joburg. A Naledi award nominated performance followed in the Mike Graan play ‘Brothers in Blood’ at the Market Theatre.
She replicated her success on the local stage in the world of lights, camera and action with starring roles in TV shows likes ‘Jacob’s Cross’, ‘7de Laan’ and ‘Isidingo’. Now she is set for arguably her biggest adventure yet.

PETER TROMP caught up with CLOETE on the phone as she was going through preparations for her exciting new career on the air.

Who came up with the title ‘Kimmistry’, and what do you hope radio listeners will feel when they hear the name?
We were doing a brainstorming session and Denver Apollus, the programme manager at Heart 104.9FM, came up with the name. I think it works because it sounds fun and clever, and also familiar on the ear and in the mouth. It’s what we hope to achieve – to establish chemistry between the listener and myself. And being new on radio, that’s quite an important thing.

What do you have in store for Heart 104.9FM listeners in your time slot?
It’s still early days, but it’s going to be a very lifestyle driven programme about activities around the city and really engaging with this place we call home in a way that doesn’t necessarily require money, or networking, or status. I’m hoping with the show to remind people of the goodness that the city holds and how easy it is to not see it when you are in it. As someone who had been away for as long as I have my perspective on Cape Town and how it all works is a bit different to other people. It’s as they say: you never know what you have until you leave and come back.

What’s special, or unique about that particular timeslot?
Well, I think it’s people settling into their day. It’s a timeslot that is post-traffic and post-morning rush and it’s the first breath you take – that first cup of coffee, that first cigarette. So I think it’s a space where people take in a lot more information than when they are distracted by a million things around them. I think it’s an incredibly powerful slot in terms of being affective and actually getting people to listen and to respond.
I’m not here to carry on anything that anyone else did before. I’m new, so I’m coming with my A-game, and my A-game is very different, but hopefully fresh enough to make them listen.

Do you think this is why the Heart people turned to you; because they were looking for someone fresh and different?
This is a town not lacking in proficient people that could be doing this job, and I was quite surprised when Gary Petersen, Heart104.9FM’s Managing Director made me the offer, because I had left GoodHope FM and I had other plans. They obviously heard about that and I thought he was going to offer me news reader. He relayed to me that it’s standard for people to move from station to station, or from slot to slot, but it’s not often that people take a change on someone that’s not from this world, because it’s such a specific and technical medium. I think they were ready to take the risk and I think the reason they chose me was because I have a voice in terms of opinion. I’m from here, but I’ve also travelled; my life story has been an interesting one, and even though I’ve seen the world, I’m extremely proud of Cape Town and I can honestly relate to the people that I’m going to be talking to.

ON AIR @ Heart 104.9FM:

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• 6am to 9am – Heart Breakfast with Aden Thomas (contributors Julian Naidoo and Tapfuma Makina)
• 9am to 12pm – Kimmistry with Kim Cloete
• 12pm to 3pm – Lunch with Clarence Ford
• 3pm to 6pm – Drive #326 with Suga (contributors Nick Feinberg and Keri Miller)
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