Kani tackles SA’s political situation head on

Kani tackles SA’s political situation head on

‘Missing…’, Tony-award-winning John Kani’s first full-length play since ‘Nothing But the Truth’ in 2002, will be showing at the Baxter Theatre from next week.
Kani has once again teamed up with director Janice Honeyman to bring to life this new South African love story and political thriller. The three have worked together for nearly 30 years and they last collaborated at the Baxter on the international hit production ‘The Tempest’.

PETER TROMP chatted with HONEYMAN (Middle in picture) as she was in the process of putting the final touches on the production.

You also directed ‘Nothing But The Truth’, the last play penned by Kani. What is it about his voice as a writer that excites you as a director?
John has a very intimate and accurate overview of the South African political situation. He challenges himself to write a new perspective in post-apartheid South Africa and seems to present an alternative view to those expressed by other playwrights. It is exciting for me to delve into both our history and the direction that our country is moving in.

Tell us about ‘Missing …’ and what audiences can look forward to with the production.
Intrigue, deception, in-fighting and back-stabbing turn this beautiful love story into a political thriller. There is a very immediate experience of unpredictable events that unfold in the lives of the characters. It’s the combination of love story and political thriller that I hope will capture the imagination of audiences.

Tell us a little about your longstanding collaborative relationship with Kani and how it has evolved over the years.
Because of our history, John and I have a relationship of trust, discussion and debate which forms a prominent part of the process for us. We come from the same era in the development of theatre in this country so we share many experiences. We started out at the Market Theatre during the early days and we have really come a long way, which means that we are able to have a pretty good understanding of what needs to be achieved when approaching any new project together.

* ‘Missing …’ will be showing from March 6 to 29.
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