Gadget Buddies: New kid on the block

Gadget Buddies: New kid on the block

By Imran Khan

We have seen countless smart phones come onto the market, each with their own unique characteristics. Some of the phones have been great, while others left users disappointed with hanging screens and poor battery life. Besides these issues, Android has made modern smart phones easier to use, more intuitive and technology giants have been riding this wave for a while.
So what is in store in the near future? Our readers may recall our column on budget smart phones last year where we looked at smart phones that offered the same specifications as top end models at a fraction of the price.
However, one cannot put a set of mags on a car and automatically expect Ferrari-like performance. The research and development that goes into modern smart phones is definitely worth spending the extra cash at the shops.

For example, take the Samsung S4. It has a host of features that most users will either never use or find out about. Technology like “Air Gesture”, “Smart Stay”, “Air View” and “Smart Scroll” are all unique to the Samsung S4 smart phone. This brings us to the latest technology story to hit South Africa. Samsung have officially announced that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be coming to South Africa in the next few months.
An exact date has not been confirmed yet and this is probably because the major mobile operators will be given the opportunity to setup contract packages before the Samsung S5 release in SA. The Samsung Galaxy S5 will pack a punch like no other smart phone on the market.
For starters, in usual Galaxy S style it will be running a quad core processor, 2.5 GHz to be exact.

The rear camera will be 16 megapixels with an ultra high definition 1080×1920 pixel display to view all those images.
Samsung have also gone to the core and upgraded the battery to a 2800 mAh (milli ampere hour). Of course it will also run the latest android system, 4.4.2 Kit Kat.
The S5 will also feature 5th generation WiFi. Now this has caught our attention. Living in a developing nation we know the perils of slow data connectivity and issues relating to 3G connection. The 5th generation WiFi system integrates WiFi with the cell phone’s LTE cellular connection to boost download speeds.

Besides running some specs slightly higher, the S5 looks like it will be quite similar to the S4 model in terms of layout and design. Just a few tweaks like colours, texture and finish are planned for the latest Samsung Galaxy S5.
– On the next column we will look at the latest Go Pro camera out right now, so stay tuned to this space.

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