Health & Beauty: Small changes, big payoffs

Health & Beauty: Small changes, big payoffs

By RoxyK

Change is always good and most of the time it is the simplest stuff that counts. So let us all shake things up this year by taking small steps to be the “YOU” you have always wanted to be. Most of us rarely keep to our resolutions, despite many of us having gone through the trouble to carefully write them down at the beginning of the year. We have to be strong and take up the challenge in making small changes to get the best results we want.
Let us start by eating healthy, so add on the extra vegetables to your plate and keep meat, fish and chicken to a palm size. Cut out all fizzy drinks and juice blends; quench your thirst with lots of plain water. Fibre moves food quickly through the body so change white bread for whole-wheat brown bread. Try wholegrain pasta or brown unpolished rice rather than white rice or pasta.

Prepare your own lunch and dinners at home instead of spending on unhealthy meals. Every Sunday night, cook and pack your lunches for Monday and Tuesday and on Tuesday you can make lunch for the next two days. Give yourself a break on a Friday and perhaps eat out with your colleagues or friends. Be adventurous in the kitchen – whip up exotic dishes from a different country. It will be fun, especially if you can get the whole family involved. This takes a lot of discipline, but besides saving you money, it will cultivate a healthier diet.

Start a fitness programme, whether it is at a gym, at home or a fitness app which you can download. Enjoy every moment of your workout and smile, because you are ultimately working your body to what you would like to see and feel. Spread out your exercises according to your daily or weekly schedule and adhere to it. If you work at a desk during the day, stand up and stretch, rotate your ankles clockwise on the count of four and then anti-clockwise to the count of four. Take a 10 minute walk during your lunch break and gradually increase the time. This will not only aid in digestion, but also work those butt muscles and tone your legs.

Become inquisitive about everything. Read up on different topics such as people, places and cultures, or Google for more information about another city or town. There is nothing like a new discovery to keep your mind active. Learn a new language or play a different musical instrument; you might even surprise yourself upon discovering a hidden talent. Try to put an end to negative actions, because this will merely create stress. Uplift your mood, and evaluate and confront nasty situations in a calm and careful manner. Most of all, remain objective.
Lastly, get a brand new look by getting expert advice on the transformation you need and surprise everyone. Whether it is a new hair colour or wine-coloured lips, make your look unique and spectacular. Remember that whatever style you want to create, make it special because only you can take small steps to reap big benefits.