Health & Beauty: Beauty tips for 2014

Health & Beauty: Beauty tips for 2014

By RoxyK

Most of us have started 2014 with lofty new resolutions, such as being healthy and following a balanced life style. To these I would say we should add simple ways to add to our everyday beauty routines. (Why else would you be reading this column?)
So let’s take a look at some small tasks to guide us to flawless, glowing skin and a healthy, attractive body.
Firstly, make sure that you throw out all old lipsticks and lotions. Sponges can be washed in warm soapy water, but if they are more than two months old, invest in new, cleaner ones.

Brushes more than six months old should be thrown out as this can cause acne and irritation to the skin. Make sure you check the expiry date on lotions and creams. If they have expired, discard them. Make-up brushes can last for years if they are washed, cleaned, dried and stored in a suitable case away from dust and bacteria.
Always remember the three steps to glowing skin: cleanse, tone and moisturise. Make sure that you cleanse your face twice a day. A suitable toner will help restore the pH balance of your skin and tighten up pores. By using a cream moisturizer you can ensure a smooth, softer skin. If you have dry skin, use a creamy cleanser and rinse with luke-warm water. If you have oily skin, you should use a gel cleanser which will ensure a cleaner less shiny skin.

We all know that drinking water has many health and beauty benefits and this is the reason to have a glass of water rather than a fizzy drink. Water keeps you hydrated, aids in digestion and helps keep skin supple.
Keep active by joining a gym or getting some sort of exercise in your daily routine. Besides getting a toned physique, a daily workout routine will promote better and healthier looking skin.

NEVER pop that zit. We are all familiar with the nasty bump that always seems to appear when you have to attend a party or function. Apply an acne gel over the bump and then your foundation for maximum cover, but never pop a pimple. It would make the redness worsen when bacteria sets in.
Get enough beauty sleep, which is at least seven to eight hours. Lack of sleep can make the skin look run down and cause dark circles to appear under your eyes. Skin cells are renewed while you sleep, so always ensure that you apply an intense night cream which will do its magic while you are at rest.

Lastly, to maintain a proper dimension to your face, make sure that your hair is healthy, clean and shiny. Condition your tresses and apply a treatment once a week to avoid damaged and split ends. Curling rods, flat irons and hair dryers take a toll on your hair, so make sure you allow your hair to dry naturally.
Now that you have some simple steps to follow, you can ensure a whole new you this year. A little experiment with a different colour lipstick or eye shadow will help create a new look. Whatever beauty regime you choose make sure that you feel beautiful and fabulous from within and out.