A proudly new South African play at the Intimate

The lives of three men intersect on a heartbreaking journey that is filled with pathos, humour and candid revelations in ‘The Beauty of Incomplete Things’, a provocative new South African play showing at The Intimate Theatre in Gardens until February 16.
In the show David, a flamboyant and dramatic diva-worshipper takes Tommy, his studly trophy masseur, to his cabin in the middle of the woods for his birthday weekend. David’s intimate birthday celebration is interrupted when one of his best friends, Lawrence, a renowned actor, gatecrashes his fantasy.

Fantasy and reality collide head-on in their brutal quest to find happiness. The truth surfaces and strips them bare, ultimately setting them free and releasing them from their humanity.
‘The Beauty of Incomplete Things’ stars Rowan Studti as Tommy, with Wojtek Lipinski as David and Andre Lombard at Lawrence supporting.

The production has been written, produced, designed and directed by Daniel Dercksen, who has been a freelance film and theatre journalist for more than 30 years, and has also been teaching and mentoring writers at The Writing Studio.
“I think what makes the play work extremely well is its universalness,” says Dercksen.
“There’s a bit of each character in all of us, and when we leave the theatre, we have a better understanding of the Tommy, David and Lawrence in all of us, and hopefully issues dealing with the emotional and physical abuse in broken relationships, prostituting oneself for the sake of art and love, obsessive and destructive love, the vulnerability of innocence, and the politics of survival.”

* Performances take place at 8pm nightly from Tuesdays to Sundays.
Book at www.webtickets.co.za.
For more information, send an email to beauty@writingstudio.co.za, call 072 474 1079, or find the production on Facebook.