Music Musts: Get back on the horse that is local music

Music Musts: Get back on the horse that is local music
By Jonathan Duguid

By Jonathan Duguid

This week I have something to share with you – I have just started reading books again. Okay, I lie; I bought a book and I’ve read it, so it’s still very much in the singular form at the moment, but truth be told I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved every page, and now I’m ready to buy some more books and get to reading!
Yes, I know it may seem strange that someone, such as myself, who is published on various platforms every week is not much of a reader, but alas it’s true. I read newspapers, blogs, websites, and all the mediums where stories are kept short and concise, but I have, in recent years, struggled to pick up a book.

In fact, the past week was the first time I read a book cover-to-cover since 2008, and it’s for no other reason that I went through a series of bad books and completely lost interest – but now that I’ve taken the step, or rather giant leap to get back into the world of literature, I’m super excited and nothing’s going to stop me.
Now, you may be asking yourself, “What in the world does reading a book have to do with a music column? Is this guy aware that he’s writing a MUSIC column?”

And my answer to you is that it has everything to do with music – for just like I haven’t bothered picking up a book to read, or as I prefer to call it, “I took a sabbatical from books”, so many of you and people you know haven’t bothered attending a music gig lately. Perhaps the sabbatical is because you feel you’re too old to go out, or perhaps you had a bad experience at a gig once upon a time; or perhaps you just stopped going out because you were distracted by other things. Well, my dear readers, there’s no time like the present to rectify that. Yes, I am aware I sound a bit like Dr Phil, but I promise you, you won’t regret it (especially if you take my suggestions of gigs to checkout – because I’ve got your back.)
The South African music industry is pure quality and so much of that talent resides here in Cape Town. You’re missing out on a seriously good time out and enjoyment that you won’t find anywhere else if you don’t take a chance.
If I’ve managed to get through to you today, I’d like to give you a high-five. You rock! If you’ve always been a supporter of local music, well, you also get a high-five, and if you’re just an avid reader, you get a high-five too! (You had Dr Phil, now this is my Oprah moment. You may not judge.)

So, where are all the good gigs happening this weekend?
On Friday, January 24, you can check out The Cadillacs playing the tunes of Fleetwood Mac at Villa Pascal, situated on 28 Van Der Westhuizen Ave, Durbanville. The band, made up of Greg Schoeman, Joe Recrosio, Skye Wilson and Gordon Mackay, will be playing a selection of easy listening melodic blues rock made famous by the British-American group. The performance starts at 7.30pm, tickets are R120, and bookings can be made by calling 021 975 2566.
Saturday, January 25, will see Afrikaans music idols Robbie Wessels and Bok van Blerk take to the stage at Jason’s Hill Wine Estate. Doors open at 6pm, and the gig kicks-off at 7pm. Tickets are R160 each, and are available from Computicket. There will also be food and beverages stalls, in case you get a bit peckish or thirsty.
Last, but not least, don’t forget to check out Arno Carstens (who’s getting ready to release his fifth solo album, ‘Lightning Prevails’) at the Brass Bell in Kalk Bay – right on the water’s edge. This is no ordinary Carstens concert, as this time he will be joined by a big band, which will just make things even more spectacular. The show starts at 5pm, tickets are R150 each and are available at

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