Gadget Buddies: Gaming Ultra Books

Gadget Buddies: Gaming Ultra Books

By Imran Khan

In the age old battle between computers and consoles we have found the common ground finally. We had seen products like these come out in 2013, but they were not very reliable and sold more on the hype than the actual quality of the hardware. In 2014 the manufacturers are striking back and boy are we happy.
There are a new line of laptops coming out this year that should really pack a punch. Yes, we are talking about gaming ultra books. Manufactures like MSi and Gigabyte have warmed up to the fact that gamers want reliable equipment that is compact. The days of building a monster rig with water cooling and over-clocking capabilities are fading.

Gigabyte has launched their ultrabook, the Gigabyte P35K Ultrablade. The Ultrablade runs Windows 8.1 pro in a compact 21mm thick laptop profile device. Powering this and its ability to play games at top spec is a 4th generation i7 3.4 gigahertz processor and 16 gigabytes of RAM. If you thought that was impressive, this machine also packs a Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M graphics card running 2 gigabytes of DDR5 ram. The technical specs are just out there for a 15.6 inch laptop, which we love.

MSi also has a contender in this ring. Their package is called the GS70 Stealth. It runs the same graphics card, processor and memory, so on paper it looks exactly the same. However the GS70 Stealth has a 17 inch high definition anti glare screen, which is perfect for gaming. To add to that experience it packs an onboard sound processor with Cinema style sound. We must also add that this laptop has won the “International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award 2014”.

Apart from graphics and processing the main issue gamers have had in the past was the loading times. We were all playing off hard drives and discs and that were exactly the problem. Both of these laptops come with solid state hard drives, which are perfect for loading up game levels quickly. Gaming laptops are now available at South African retailers. We strongly recommend readers to do plenty research before buying one so that you know exactly what you getting. Remember it’s a laptop at the end of the day, so it’s not as easy to open it up and swop something out. That last thought may be the only factor that might hinder the growth of gaming laptops.