Gadget Buddies: Christmas Gadgets!

Gadget Buddies: Christmas Gadgets!

By Imran Khan

In the wake of Christmas, South Africa has been fortunate to see next generation technology in stores. We headed out to see what’s hot for gifts in stores this season.

PlayStation 4
Sony launched the PlayStation 4 locally on December 13, and boy has it done well. Ster Kinekor, the distributor of Sony products in South Africa, announced that the PlayStation 4 sold out across the country on the day of its launch. This is a record for console sales in South Africa, with the PS4 beating the sales of all the previous Sony consoles at launch day. Have no fear; more are on their way, according to many retailers.
The standard package, which includes a console and one control, starts at a suggested retail price of R6299. In terms of games for the device, 20 titles have been available for purchase so far. By late December this number is set to grow to around 30 unique titles, says Sony. So why should you buy a PlayStation 4 if you already have a PlayStation 3?
Well, the simple answer is that PlayStation 4 pushes console gaming to an entirely new level. For starters, the system uses a custom made, low power 8 core processor running with 8 gigabytes of 5th generation memory. In the graphics department Sony went with the underdog in computer graphics – their machine sports an AMD next generation Radeon based graphics card. The graphics unit runs at 1.84 teraflops (a unit of computing speed equal to one million million (1012) floating-point operations per second). It’s just so advanced, we worry whether if it will ever be used to its fullest potential.
It is definitely the Christmas gift in stores right now. We suggest ordering online if your local store does not have stock. You may receive it much faster, and hopefully even in time for Christmas.

Leapfrog LeapPad2 Ultra
A stop at one of South Africa’s largest toy shops resulted in the revelation of this beaut. Leapfrog is a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing interactive devices, based on real devices, for the younger market.
They tend to gravitate to what is the latest craze for adults, and then make a version suitable for youngsters, 3 to 10 years old.
This year’s release is the LeapPad 2 Ultra, a 5 inch full touch screen tablet device that allows kids to draw, read books, listen to music, watch videos and of course play games.
The devise has built in cameras – both front and back – as well as wifi. We had a go on one in-store and must admit it is really impressive and great if you want to keep the kids away from your precious Apple iPad.

Other items sure to prove popular include:
• Lenovo Ideapad G500s i5 Laptop
• Crosley Radio/Turntable combo from Musica
• ‘Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’ on PC and console
• ‘Gran Turismo 6’ for PS3

We hope you find exactly what you are looking for this Christmas. Email us if you need help looking for something special!

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