Uproarious ‘Scrooge’ ensures a (almost too) “lekker” time at the theatre

Uproarious ‘Scrooge’ ensures a (almost too) “lekker” time at the theatre

Show: Scrooge
Director: Lara Foot
Cast: Marc Lottering, Shaleen Surtie-Richards, Andrew Buckland, Christo Davids, Nur Abrahams and
Venue: Baxter Theatre until January 25
Review: Peter Tromp

Many of the best and brightest theatre makers have abandoned their customary good instincts and succumbed to the impulse of over stimulating their audiences come the holidays. More is not always better, is an adage that still holds true. ‘Scrooge’ luckily isn’t undone by this curse, but it doesn’t quite escape it either.

Director Lara Foot clearly realised what a gift it was to have such a talented comedic cast at her disposal during rehearsals, and in the show pretty much allows everyone to basically just be themselves. This gives ‘Scrooge’ a wonderful seasonal energy; it’s always loads of fun to see great performers enjoying themselves, and each other, on a stage, and the majority of the audience on opening night appeared to be having a whale of a time.

As a stage adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Scrooge’ does feel a little loose at times, though. There are definitely patches where I wished the focus was tighter on the source material, and that the actors weren’t allowed to so freely break the fourth wall. But then again, some of the best moments in the show come as a result of the likes of Surtie-Richards and Davids sending up the source material in true local fashion, as well as their own personas.

I guess most people at this time of the year just want to know if they will have a good time and be able to forget their daily sorrows. The answer to that question is a resounding yes, but you might walk away feeling just a tad overstuffed.

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