In memory of Tata Madiba

In memory of Tata Madiba

The world mourned the passing of Nelson Mandela during the past week. The Next 48hOURS asked figures in the entertainment and tourism worlds to pay tribute to the great leader and father of our nation.

Nelson Mandela in his lifetime achieved what the World thought was impossible: peace in our country. And in death he has once again united all the people of South Africa. Nelson Mandela was a gift from God not just to us, but to the World.
Pieter Toerien, theatre producer and owner of Theatre On The Bay

As a city and a country, we owe much of our international credibility to the spirit that Nelson Mandela brought to the world. When I met him in 1994 as a young student, you could sense that you were in the presence of someone who was destined for greatness. He inspired a generation of leaders. He gave his life for us, but I can’t help feeling we all could have done more for him. Let’s live his legacy now.
Rashid Toefy, CTICC Chief Executive Officer

A great man at peace now. May his legacy live on to lead South Africa to new heights. We were so blessed to have you as our President. Rest in peace, Tata Madiba. You were a true father of our nation. May those that follow in your footsteps take a leaf out of your book.
Jenny Morris, celebrity chef

I pay tribute to this iconic man who has made sacrifices for his people.  I salute a man who has fought for his people with humility, patience and forgiveness.  We should all learn from this great leader to stay humble and courageous.  I can still remember the apartheid era and the struggle we had to endure to get recognition because of our colour.  I have learnt to forgive through our great leader and move on.  This journey has made me stronger.  I will miss you Madiba, a legend who has given me hope. Hamba kahle, Xhamela. Qhawe la ma Qhawe.– Roxanne Khan, Health and Beauty Writer

I was nine when my sister and I were asked to perform at Madiba’s birthday. We wrote and sang a song for him and after our performance Madiba pointed beside him and we had lunch with the great man. It breaks my heart that I will now live in a world without Madiba. The world always seemed like a better place with him on it. It is too much of a loss to even cry. I now have the daily responsibility to live out his ideals and to help realize the South Africa he envisioned even in the darkness of his prison cell.
– Siv Ngesi, comedian and actor

It was expected and we all knew that this day will come. But when the news broke about the passing of the Father of our Nation, our beloved Madiba, the nation’s heart sank and the world joined in. As true South Africans, we all quickly realised that it is good to mourn Madiba’s passing away but it would be far better and lasting to rather celebrate his life and work. Madiba, your legacy will live on forever and beyond the borders of South Africa. You not only gave us freedom, you also took us into the global village as equals. The South Africa you created makes me Proudly South African.
– Naushad Khan, Managing Editor, The Next 48hOURS

As I sat on the stairs of parliament, watching the memorial service with the rest of the world, the nation’s flags flapping in the wind at half-mast caught my attention and took me back to when Mandela said his 100 days speech here. He said, “Let us harness the nation’s energies to more rapidly develop and reconstruct our country. In this way, our society will experience meaningful and lasting reconciliation.”  Madiba did this and made me so proud to be a South African, so my tribute to you Madiba will be to harness my energy to continue building a better nation for all. Hambe Kahle Tata Madiba.
– Judy Lain, Wesgro Chief Marketing Officer

It was our privilege to meet Madiba on a number of occasions. Madiba was a man amongst men and we were touched by his humility, warmth and generosity of spirit. His spirit of Ubuntu permeated everything that he stood for and this has been an inspiration to us and the way we work with our clients and associates. May his legacy live on and that South Africans honour his memory by treating everyone with respect. It is this lesson that we should take into the future of our country and into our own personal lives.
– Beryl Eichenberger, HIPPO Communications PR