Pedro ‘The Music Man’ returns to Kalk Bay Theatre

Pedro ‘The Music Man’ returns to Kalk Bay Theatre

Pedro ‘The Music Man’ Espi Sanchis will return to Kalk Bay Theatre later in December with a new summer story-telling show, ‘Baby Monkey’s Bananas and Other Stories’. Performances will take place at 11am on December 21, 23 and 24, and 27 to 31; and then again on January 3 and 4 and 6 to 11.

The show is specially designed for the very young children aged one to five.
It includes four separate stories, all full of music and interaction. Sanchis will be supported by fellow performer Portia Mntuyedwa.

The stories are drawn from ‘The Little Library’, a set of story-books created in workshops by some of South Africa’s best writers and teachers. Sanchis was the musical director of the project and did the music for the CD and TV recordings of the stories. In 1996 these books received the internationally recognized iBbY award.

Like all Sanchis’ shows ‘Baby Monkey’s Bananas and Other Stories’ features an abundance of lively music. Each of the four stories has an original song with words and music that should have audiences singing along and dancing in their seats. There’s lots of other interaction too, with the children being invited to do actions, make sound pictures, play instruments, and offer ideas.

The stories are:

‘Mama Mabena’s Magic’: a story about patterns and colour – and what happens when a colour-mixing activity goes a bit wild.

‘Yawning is Catching’: a crazy action tale in which a baby gets swallowed by a frog who gets swallowed by a snake who gets swallowed by…….and so on and so on, until the action all goes in reverse.

‘Baby Monkey’s Bananas: a story in which a little monkey runs away from home and has a very adventurous day, featuring bananas, some fearsome jungle animals, and quite a bit of maths.

‘Eddie Ndlovu’: is a about a young elephant who is on a quest to find out what he is good at. He goes all over the jungle and even into the city, singing his sad song: “Wah wah wah/boo hoo hoo/I wish I knew/what I could do!”

Sanchis is a musician, teacher, composer and story-teller, specializing in African music. He became well known in South Africa in the 1990s in his long-running ‘Pedro the Music Man’ children’s television series.

He has toured widely in schools, theatres, conferences and festivals in SA and all over the world and has worked for education departments and universities in SA, Namibia, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Austria, Spain, Australia, Canada and the US. He is known for making instruments out of whatever materials are at hand – paw-paw leaves, tortoise-shells, kudu horns, cow-bells, hunting bows, calabashes, seaweed, and more.

* Doors open at 10am. Tickets cost R50. Bookings can be made on