Music musts: A frightfully active weekend

Music musts: A frightfully active weekend
By Jonathan Duguid

By Jonathan Duguid

Last week Saturday, you may have found yourself bewildered by the amount of zombies walking the street. I myself found myself wondering if I was in the twilight zone, while on my way to supper with friends in the Cape Town CBD. Alas, I feel somewhat disappointed to say that it was not the apocalypse, nor is Cape Town in need of a zombie slayer. Truth be told, it was the annual zombie walk, an event that encourages folks to impersonate the walking dead and do just that, walk.
I hear you asking, “But why would people do this?”
Well, apart from the sheer fun of dressing up and giving spectators the heebie-jeebies, it’s also part of the build-up to October 31, otherwise known as Halloween.

This Thursday just happens to be Halloween, and in light (or should I say in dark?) of this, I thought that I could assist you in putting together the perfect spooky soundtrack. Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, there’s no denying that there are some great tunes that are very applicable for this time of year, and I hope that if you’re throwing a party, you’ll make sure my selection of songs makes it onto your playlist; and if you don’t, well there’s no harm in dusting off the CD’s, clearing the cobwebs from your records, and taking a musical journey with me, of fun and horror, if you’ll pardon the oxymoron.
Right, let’s get straight down to business – the top eight tracks that you should have on your Halloween playlist are:
‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson (This is the number one Halloween song around the globe. I do hope that while you play it, you remember the dance moves.)

‘Ghostbusters’ by Ray Parker Jnr (Because who can’t resist singing along? – “If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!” …just maybe not while the kids are trick or treating!)
‘Witchy Woman’ by The Eagles (This happens to be my favourite song of The Eagles! For me, it even beats ‘Hotel California’.)
‘Spooky’ by Dusty Springfield (I guess even the ‘The Look of Love’ can sometimes be a little spooky.)
‘Trick or Treat’ by Otis Redding (Named after the Halloween slogan, and performed by a musical legend, it goes without saying that this track is on the list.)
‘Monster Mash’ by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt-Kickers (Its been on Halloween playlists since 1962, and you can’t help but love the creepy faux-Frankenstein hit that it is.)

‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ by Rockwell (Because the thought of a weird stalker is enough to give anyone the chills, never mind on October 31.)
‘This is Halloween’ by Marilyn Manson (It’s true, he’s the creepiest celebrity in the world [according to a recent article in ‘TIME’], but this tune is rather catchy and pretty cool. Besides, what would Halloween be without the king of freakiness serenading the party?)
If you weren’t able to throw your own Halloween bash, fear not, for there be lots of gigs happening this weekend that’ll give you an excuse to dress up and party.

On Thursday October31 (Halloween itself), there are going to be many festivities at the Jackal & Hide, 108 Kloof Street, Gardens. Performing live will be Dave Knowles, featuring Jimi Curve, Carly Nauta and Claudio Rebuzzi. Also performing on the evening will be CROAK. It all kicks-off at 7pm, and entrance is free if you dress the part (black, white and with some kind of fright), otherwise it’s R30 per person.
Trash Cabaret will come to Zula Bar on 98 Long Street on Friday November 1. You can expect a twenty-piece brass band, clowns, acrobats, aerial artists, and jugglers. It starts at 8.30pm, and the cover charge is R60 per person (if you dress-up as the character of your dreams), or R80 if you’re not all-dressed up.

Saturday November 2 will see Tjing Tjing at the Rooftop Bar on 165 Longmarket Street also host a Halloween dress-up party. Hot off the heels of their stellar performance at Rocking the Daisies, the “aggressively unfancy” band, Al Bairre, will be performing live. It’ll all get started at 7pm, and tickets are R200 each.

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