Health & Beauty: Gerard’s Beauty Secrets – WIN!!

Health & Beauty: Gerard’s Beauty Secrets – WIN!!

By RoxyK

When we hear or read about products that soothe, hydrate, repair and protect, it’s something women just have to have. There is of course a forever widening range of skin care products out there, however I have found that more women are turning towards products that are made from natural ingredients.
Women are now looking for alternative skincare products that are cost effective and all natural. That means that the products do not contain any parabens, allergens, colorants or harsh chemicals that would irritate the skin. This I found in the “Gerard’s” range, which gives you absolute skin comfort.

Their products, of which they have a wide variety, claim to contain everything a person needs to feel relaxed and balanced and are specially formulated for dry, oily and sensitive skins, with the intent to protect, hydrate, nourish, rejuvenate and protect against the sun.
They are made from all natural ingredients, which are hypoallergenic and considered safe to use on any skin type, as well as never having been tested on animals. Only high quality concentrated flower and plant extracts have been used in developing this line of beauty products.

The Atipica range is best suited for sensitive skins, as it repairs and deeply moisturizes the skin. The ingredients are all natural, such as perilla oil, which helps restore the hydrolipidic barrier; and rich borage oil, which prevents irritations and hypersensitive reactions. The active ingredient sea mayweed reduces redness, irritation and itching of the skin. The basic line of products is dedicated to young skins, which require the fundamental attentions and everyday basic care to remain beautiful through time. Correct usage of these products maintains optimal levels of hydration, nourishment and protection.

The anti-aging range features a mixture of delicate natural ingredients such as rose hip, aloe, and yarrow, which combats imperfections caused by skin’s aging.  The efficient anti-oxidising action of vegetal ceramides leaves the skin soft and luminous. Then there are the body treatments, which I had the privilege of trying out. The pepper treatment really left an impression on me. I was amazed at the care that was taken to rejuvenate the skin’s moisture and restore one’s natural glow. After a body scrub, an application of white mud is applied and then the body is covered so that the ingredients work their way deep into the skin.

After 20 minutes the mud is washed off and soothing peppermint oil is massaged onto the entire body. Thorough attention is given to tight, sore muscles and my entire body was left feeling smooth, hydrated and relaxed. There are other treatments that target specifics like cellulite, dehydrated skin and tiredness in the body. A treatment can be personalised, which is the only way to obtain more precise, individual results.
Gerard’s products give you ultimate satisfaction as they help in creating absolutely excellent synergetic combinations and therefore the best results. Their products are suitable for both men and women and responds to the specific needs of the person. All products are available at leading spa outlets and are guaranteed to give you complete satisfaction.

In celebration of this fantastic brand, five lucky winners can each win a Gerard’s beauty hamper. To enter, email us your details to, as well as a short blurb on why you would like to try Gerard’s products.