Gadget Buddies: Online shopping in South Africa

Gadget Buddies: Online shopping in South Africa

By Imran Khan

This week we decided to bring you a feature that has been long overdue. We are talking about online shopping in South Africa. There has been much hype around online shops this year particularly with many new ones opening up. We have noticed that it is not only the retail giants that are using online shop but also the smaller retailers, including niche gadget sellers. With the advent of android and applications, retailers have also grabbed the opportunity to target sellers via an android or apple application. Retailers are definitely getting more tech savvy in South Africa and we love it.
Here are the top three online retailers we feel every fellow gadget buddy should visit.

1. Mantality
Mantality is quite an interested site. They have such a wide variety of goods on offer – from a watch that has a camera, to the latest PlayStation game. They update their catalogue regularly with the latest gadgets and gizmos. It must be said though, that they are very male orientated in the lines they carry but there is plenty on offer for their female market as well. (

2. Gadget mall
This shop is fairly new and carries a variety of gadgets sourced from all over the world. Their major focus is on price. By buying in bulk they manage to secure the lowest retail prices on items in store. What we did find rather interesting is that they do corporate gifts as well. So, you could order any gadget in bulk and have your company name or logo printed on it, to hand out as corporate gifts. Being new, they don’t have payment gateways setup yet and rely on EFT payments primarily, which is not a bad thing but it does pose restrictions for some especially the international market. (

3. Bid or buy
Bid or buy has really grown and established itself in South Africa. It took some time for this to happen because it was a new concept in South Africa, but it has taken off well. On the site you could find a variety of items to either “Buy now” or “Bid now” on, the auctioneering side being the core focus of Bid or Buy. We have bought many items off the site at some really good prices, including graphics cards and media accessories. The site promotes a very safe buyer and seller environment, which includes some law abiding details, in the form of SNT agreements. Basically what this means is if you bid on an item and win the item, you are liable to pay for it even if you decide that you don’t really want it anymore. It is definitely top of the list for us because of the safety features built into the site. (
So, if you plan to go online shopping this weekend, make sure the site you visit is safe. Always check that the site is “verified “, registered to a “security” platform and offers a “safe payment gateway”

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