Music Musts: Discovering new music – made easy!

Music Musts: Discovering new music – made easy!
By Jonathan Duguid

By Jonathan Duguid

Have you ever wondered, “Well, there’s got to be more music than what I’m being exposed to through radio, MTV, and even YouTube?”

I found myself in this boat just recently, searching for something new, something different, an artist who I could “discover” for South Africa, or a song I cold submit on behalf of an artist to the radio station I work for.
Truth is, there is an endless amount of amazing music in this world, a fraction of which is what we end up hearing and buying, and the only way to be exposed to these new tunes is to know where to look.
I started trawling the internet in search of the best places to find music (…and muso’s if you’re reading this, try and get yourself a profile on one of these sites).
Reverbnation ( You can browse music from all around the globe, or simply enter your country and ZIP (postal) code to find local music.

Artists have a profile where you can listen, download, and buy their music (depending on if they decide to charge for the song or not). You can also become a fan of the artist, see their next few events, press releases, Twitter feed, blog posts, and more. A great feature I like, especially when it comes to the bigger acts on the site, is that artists can choose to give a portion of proceeds from their music to a charity. This site is pretty big amongst local musicians.

BandCamp ( Another site that hosts artists’ music, and allows for you to listen and purchase online.
The price is set by the artist in question, and most of the time, artists let you buy their full albums. I’ve seen prices range from any donation, to $10 (which is about R100) for an album. I really like this site when it comes to just wanting to find new music, not based on country or creed, and have found quite a few new favourites using it. ( Scrobbles (which basically means takes notes) every time you play a song on your music device, and accumulates that with music that you listen to on the site and the songs that you favourite, to create a recommended “radio” playlist for you, that you can listen to anywhere in the world. It’s also quite the social site, and let’s you see what your friends, and others, have been listening to and enjoying.

This Is My Jam ( There are moments when you’re in the car and a song comes on the radio that you can’t help but crank up and shout “This is my jam!”. Sometimes it happens when you’re in the club, or randomly at a shopping mall (yes, this has happened to me). That’s where this site comes in, as it allows you log your favourite tune. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “How does this help me find new music?” And my answer to you is simple: imagine everyone around the world logging their favourite jam… Yup, it’s a great tool! It also, does a count of when songs are listed, and you can browse through the songs that are most popular.

Online certainly is a great way of discovering new music, but an even better way is to get out and about, and check out local artists doing their thing, and I’ve got a few suggestions of gigs that you shouldn’t miss this weekend!

• Let the blues rock you on Friday October 18, at Viva Café in Greenpoint as the Rob Thompson Blues Rock Trio perform. It starts at 7pm, and the damage to your wallet is a mere R40.

• On Saturday October 19, Elevated Motion will take to the stage at Obviouzly Armchair in Obs. The gig kicks-off at 9pm, and entrance is R20.

• Last, but not least, Bruce Ewan and Willem Moller will be performing at the Alma Café in Rosebank on Sunday October 20 from 7.30pm.

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