Health & Beauty: Spring trends

Health & Beauty: Spring trends

By RoxyK

This season’s new make-up is simple, effortless and soft. The trick is creating a balance of skincare products and make-up. When buying make-up, think about skin that would look fresh, velvety. The balance comes with the ever popular BB creams. With every colour on the market that blends easily, all you would need is a concealer to cover those stubborn blemishes.

Foundations have now gone one step further in producing the CC cream, which is the colour correction cream. If this alone works for your skin then stick to just a base and then your CC cream. Keep daytime make-up simple and fresh. The perfect colour would be nude.
A good brand of mascara would give your eyelashes an instant lift and remember to do your eyebrows too, as this will soften your features.
Although fuller eyebrows are back, they are still the frame of your face and must be kept neat and in place by using an eyebrow pencil.

Do not overdo your eyes. Keep them soft and smudge free with subtle layers of mink and grey around the eye contours. Even a brown will make the eyes look neat and cool. Eyeliner should be blended inside the waterline of the eyes and then gently soften towards the outside.
The new trend has to be coloured pencils in emerald green and azure blue. Make sure that you apply it in a straight line across the eyelid. Blend with a cotton bud to soften a little on the outside of the eye. If you do not want to go for the blue, rather opt for a soft charcoal and work close to the eyelash line. This will give you a soft look and accentuate the eyes.

For soft, natural looking lips, you would want to create a worn off lipstick look. In other words, apply lipstick and gently blend with your finger to give your lips a stain of colour. Keep away from harsh linings and intense pigments in lipsticks. Now is the time for a soft, fresh look. Use a soft peach colour lip gloss in the centre of your lips and blend with a cotton bud to give your lips a glowy look. When it comes to fabulous fingertips, it is all about you and the colour you like. Be playful – choose a nude, or just a top coat.

With the colours currently on the market, simple is the best. Make sure that you condition your cuticles and always use a good hand cream to create softness.
So, with just simple tips to everyday make-up, make your skin appear smooth and youthful by just balancing the right make-up to the perfect skin care. This spring we should all aim for restoring our skin to reveal its unique smooth texture.